Improve Your Website to Support Your Attorney Marketing

Often, when clients come to us seeking improved attorney marketing, we do a website review to see what they’re communicating to the world. And sometimes, it’s not pretty. Your website communicates your law firm’s brand to the world. It positions you as a leader or a follower in your industry, communicates your capabilities and strengths to the world, and can help or harm your attorney marketing strategies. If your website looks like amateurs put it together, or worse, looks good but fails to connect to your target consumer, you could be in need of a dire website makeover now.

To Redesign or Renovate: Better Connecting Your Brand to Your Attorney Marketing

Your website is a central component of your attorney marketing. If it is lacking, you could be undermining your attorney marketing efforts. Often, a redesign or a complete renovation is the key to better connecting your attorney marketing strategy. Consider the following ways in which you could improve your website to better support your attorney marketing:

Brand positioning. Who are you and what do you want consumers to associate with your law firm? If your brand doesn’t communicate these basics, how can your attorney marketing connect consumers adequately to your brand? Consider how you want to position your law firm’s brand in the marketplace and how to connect that back to your attorney marketing.
Audience segmentation. Are you casting too wide a net to truly be effective? If you’re not appropriately segmenting your audience, you could be undermining your attorney marketing efforts. Your law firm cannot be competitive in every single aspect of law. But it can be competitive if you emphasize that you’re reaching out to clients injured in accidents, or clients looking to create a will or a trust. It will not be effective if you want to be all things to all people at all times. If this is the case, consider revising your attorney marketing strategy and website design to utilize other areas of law you practice infrequently.
SEO. Are your pages optimized with on site SEO? Do the keywords on your website relate back to your attorney marketing? If not, you need to edit your on site pages to include these keywords. Your website should work in tandem with your attorney marketing, not undermine its efforts.
Call your clients to action. If your website has no clear calls to action, your potential clients could be left confused, wondering what to do after they read your material. Should they call your firm for advice? Should they instead keep looking? With calls to action, you can lead a client towards signing on with your law firm. Absent clear calls to action, you could be losing these leads down the sales funnel.
Visually communicate. Human beings are visual creatures. If your visuals aren’t connecting to your attorney marketing messaging, you could be confusing consumers. Consider how you’ll visually tell your law firm’s story.
• Offer valuable content. Many websites look great, but when you read them, they read as little more than fluff. The key is to providing value to consumers. Educate, inform, entertain, provide a reason why they can’t ignore your law firm.
Offer multimedia and takeaways to encourage conversions into clients. Consumers love watching videos, reading blogs, downloading free white papers and free eBooks. If your website isn’t providing this kind of content, you could be undermining your attorney marketing strategy because you aren’t connecting your inbound marketing strategies like content marketing to lead consumers back to your website. When you offer multimedia and takeaways to clients, they stay on your website longer and the messaging is more apt to sink in. Consider offering takeaway items such as white papers and eBooks to consumers. Entice them with an offer, collect some basic lead information first, and then let your free material encourage them to sign up as a client. Follow up with a sales call or email to further encourage the conversion.

When you make website changes like these, you’re increasing your odds of success. These changes all encourage a stronger brand, better outreach, and conversions that mean more clients to your law firm. Connect the dots between your website and your attorney marketing for better results today.