Improve Your Pay Per Click Advertising By Improving Your Attorney Marketing Content

There are multiple ways in which attorneys gain new clients and establish their internet presence. One of these is through pay per click advertising using platforms like Google Adwords. However, over time, in order to remain competitive, law firms are often asked to spend more and more to remain more competitive and to utilize more popular advertising search terms. Over time, the costs can start to significantly outweigh the benefits. How do you combat rising rates and boost the effectiveness of this form of attorney marketing? The answer is to improve your attorney marketing content. By improving your attorney marketing content, you increase your relevancy in search results. With more relevant content tailored to your pay per click advertising campaign, your law firm can improve its quality score and allow you to bid lower on pay per click advertising options.

How to Improve Your Attorney Marketing Content

If you’re seeking to increase the effectiveness of your pay per click advertising, you need to first improve the quality of your attorney marketing content. No marketing campaign is effective if its not supported by the rest of your attorney marketing efforts. The key is to merge your marketing streams in order to support your efforts and increase their effectiveness. Consider that in order to be deemed more relevant, your law firm needs to publish content which relates back to the search terms you’re attempting to acquire. This means you have to audit your inbound marketing techniques. Is your attorney marketing content relevant to your campaigns or do you need to update your content? Consider the following ways in which you can improve your attorney marketing content:

Publish blogs related to the keywords in your pay per click advertising campaigns. If you’re looking to advertise for keywords such as mass torts, personal injury, or bankruptcy, you need content which relates back to these terms. Are your blogs full of keywords relating back to this campaign? Do you publish content that consumers can clearly tie in to these terms? If not, you may want to adjust your attorney marketing to include this.
Get social! If you’re still not on social media, you’re missing a big opportunity to position yourself in the market place. Additionally, you’re missing a huge free opportunity to associate yourself with related content and to publish items directly to consumers. Social media offers law firms the opportunity to converse directly with consumers. You can do so with statuses regarding your practice area, publishing blogs, pictures, videos, you name it! Get creative and get social. Reach out to consumers and establish a clear link to the keywords in your pay per click advertising campaign.
Are you visually communicating? These days, visual communications is extremely important to consumers. Additionally, when you use visuals as a part of your attorney marketing, you increase the likelihood that your content will be associated with your pay per click advertising keywords. Try using these keywords to name your visual content to increase the likelihood that they come up in search results.
Use the press! Public relations is a powerful tool for businesses and can help to link your law firm with your desired keywords. Using public relations, your law firm can give its attorney marketing new life. Publicize your news and your law firm’s good works, using the keywords you desire in your press releases.

When you link your attorney marketing streams, you increase the likelihood that your pay per click advertising will also improve. By increasing the value and relevance of your attorney marketing, you also enhance your business’ overall profile in the minds of consumers. If you’re in need of assistance, call eLaw Attorney Marketing today for advice on how you can enhance your pay per click advertising.