How will SEO Change Attorney Marketing in 2013?

Every close of the year, you start to see the articles predicting the demise of SEO.  Matt Cutts of Google himself declared SEO as we know it is dead.  Fortunately for all of us, it’s not.  As long as your law firm’s website is ranked in search engines, attorney marketers will continue to find ways to boost those rankings. SEO is changing and evolving, and in 2013 will take on a new look and feel, but it is not dead.  Let’s examine how SEO will change attorney marketing and affect your law firm in 2013.

SEO’s Evolving in 2013
SEO is a volatile industry, dependent upon search engine algorithms and updates to flourish.  While security experts like Matt Cutts predict that SEO is dead, what he’s declaring is dead are the old spammier methods of SEO that algorithm updates now penalize.  SEO has evolved past those methods and taken on a new look and feel that’s much friendlier for your law firm’s website in 2013. The following SEO trends will become important to your attorney marketing:

  • Content marketing will rule supreme. Yes, last year businesses spent approximately $20 million on electronic content for their websites.  In 2013, these numbers are expected to increase because content is king. The search engine algorithm updates in 2012 have placed a greater importance on content as a valuable and shareable commodity.  In order to rank well in 2013, attorney marketers will have to produce content for your law firm that is deemed valuable.
  • SEO will outperform pay per click advertising.  According to Google, internet visitors click through on 75% of organic links and only 25% of advertising links.  Because of the increased value on personalization and value in content, SEO will become even more important and continue to outperform pay per click advertising.  Law firms seeking to increase organic traffic and gain new leads will need to invest in SEO instead of pay per click advertising.  Adjust your budgets accordingly.
  • Social media optimization will become extremely important.  Google ranks content shared on its Google+ network much higher than relevant organic links.  Despite early poor performance records, attorney marketers will begin to embrace social media.  Search engines have placed increased value on these networks and law firms will begin to see the value from being present on these networks.
  • SEO will go mobile.  The increased usage of mobile devices will force law firms to optimize their websites for mobile.  This will also include SEO as images will have to be both low resolution and keyword rich in order to rank well in search engine results.

Prepare Your Law Firm for the 2013 Changes
As attorney marketers, it’s our job to stay ahead of the trends and to prepare our clients for the coming changes.  If your law firm doesn’t have an attorney marketer working on its side, then your law firm could potentially be left behind.  If you’re stuck pursuing old attorney marketing techniques, you may find yourself penalized by the search engines.  And all it takes is one big penalty to drive your website’s rankings down and block your traffic flows.  Get ready for the new year with some updated attorney marketing and your law firm will be on its way to marketing success.