How to Write More Effective Attorney Marketing Content

When it comes to creating attorney marketing content, we often hear that it’s difficult to grab readers’ attention.  Many law firms are open to the idea of using content for attorney marketing, but they have no idea where to begin or what to write.  Attorneys aren’t necessarily known for being engaging writers.  We’re sure there’s a Hemingway inside each of you, though.  If you’re stuck in first gear, struggling for ideas, we’ve got loads of good ideas to help you out.

At eLaw Attorney Marketing we’re firm believers that there is no such thing as writer’s block, only not fully fleshed out ideas for content.  If you’re looking to increase the effectiveness of your attorney marketing content, we’ve got the solutions to help you.

Step Up Your Attorney Marketing with Engaging Content

Writing to attract the attention of potential clients is not necessarily the most intuitive skill.  In fact, it can be downright hard to stand out of the crowd online and grab readers’ attention.  However, you too can distinguish your law firm from the rest of the noise and gain new clients.  Try the following ideas to spruce up your attorney marketing content and get noticed:

  • Use a creative angle.  Often, content that gets noticed is different or unique.  Instead of copying other law firms’ attorney marketing ideas and churning out the same old boring content, try finding a new and different idea.  Consider using a fresh and creative angle in your content.  Examples could be how Yoda might survive a starship crash on his home planet, how your screaming children might save you from car accidents, drafting trusts to keep your children in line, you name it.  Consider a fresh angle of the same old ideas and present it to your prospective clients.  This can help you to define your law firm as an original and help to put a personality to your attorney marketing.  Internet users love personality and often, the content that gets shared, discussed and picked up is original.  Put your thinking cap on and figure out how your law firm can upgrade your content to reflect a more original approach to attorney marketing.
  • Get visual. We live in a visual world.  The reality is that internet users love visuals and engage with visual content much more frequently than they do the written word.  Studies show that when businesses use visuals, they increase their effectiveness instantly.  In social media, this encourages 66% more social shares.  In terms of website traffic, users tend to click on blogs that offer visuals with much more frequency than solid blocks of text.  And if you’re not sold yet, three of the top 3 website traffic referrers today are strictly visual mediums.  That seems like a pretty strong argument to start using visuals in your attorney marketing.
  • Use infographics. Internet users love it when you can break down complex ideas into one handy dandy infographic.  The added benefits to this are that it is visual and infographics are highly shareable in demand items.  Put your thinking cap on and decide what complex process or ideas you’ll put into an infograph for your potential clients.  Don’t forget to brand your infographic with your law firm’s name to boost your attorney marketing and to ensure that people realize the source of the infographic when it’s shared.  Also include your contact information so consumers know where to find your law firm.
  • Keep your calls to action simple. The reality is when you’re composing content for your attorney marketing, you’re leading a consumer down the sales funnel.  If at any point, you forget the next step, such as a call to action, they’ll get lost and won’t convert into a paying client.  To remedy this and ensure that you have the effect that you desire, call your desired clients to action.  Let them know what the next step is when they’re done reading your blog, or when they’re done viewing your video.  Tell them to pick up the phone and call your law firm or to download an information booklet.  Call your desired clients to action so you can obtain the results you need. If you don’t, you may not be able to gain their attention.
  • Share your content socially. The beauty of social media is that it exposes your content to millions of people online.  If you’re not sharing your content socially, you could be missing out on opportunities to put your attorney marketing front and center in front of clients.  Start sharing your items socially to gain boosts in traffic and boosts in views of your attorney marketing.

When it comes down to it, attorney marketing content is often dull.  Consumers don’t want to read dull and dry items.  They want something informative and entertaining.  So give it to them!  Distinguish your law firm from the pack by creating engaging attorney marketing content that draws your readers in.  If you need some help, call eLaw Attorney Marketing today.  We’ll be happy to review your content and suggest changes in your attorney marketing content strategies.