How to Use Twitter for Your Attorney Marketing

When it comes to Twitter, many high profile attorneys have declared that they’d be leaving the medium recently. None of the attorneys who have recently quit felt that Twitter benefited their attorney marketing. But when you look at their law firm’s tweets and the tweets that many attorneys make, it’s understandable why these attorneys don’t see engagement. And it’s understandable why they feel no one is listening. Instead of quitting altogether, take some time to review your Twitter strategy and how it affects your attorney marketing. You could be making some critical mistakes that could be undermining your attorney marketing. Find out how you can clean up your Twitter strategy to support your attorney marketing instead of hindering it.

Tweet to Support Your Attorney Marketing

Twitter is an extremely powerful social media network that has the potential to reach millions of unique visitors. At any point in time, millions of people could potentially see your tweets and discover your law firm. This potential to reach the masses can support your attorney marketing efforts in important ways, exposing you to more potential new clients and driving traffic to your website. To increase your Twitter attorney marketing effectiveness, try the following tools:

Tweet relevant information. It isn’t enough to put tweets out that say car accident kills 5. Consumers won’t necessarily connect the dots that if they’ve been hurt, they should call your law firm. Instead, craft tweets with information that is relevant to consumers. Car accident kills 5 could be turned into a tweet about how deadly car accidents are your law firm’s specialty. Consider personalizing your tweets to reach your desired audience.
Engage in conversation with fans. You’ve got lots of fans who are tweeting all day. Take a minute to reach out to them by name and comment on their tweets. Encourage discussion between these fans by retweeting them, reaching out for comment on items, and building relationships. These kinds of relationships often encourage visibility of your law firm to their followers and fans.
Tweet visual media. It gets boring after a while if all you’re sending out are lengthy blogs and articles. Tweet pictures and videos which tell the visual story of your law firm’s brand. Visual media increases fan engagement and encourages fans to get more involved with you.
Offer rewards to entice interaction. An often missing component of attorney marketing is the reward structure that other businesses often utilize in order to entice customers. By tweeting deals and specials, your law firm can utilize this powerful marketing tool. Customers are a sucker for specials. If you can offer 20% off of a critical document, a chance to win, or something, you can encourage more clients to come through your door.
Demonstrate thought leadership. Not every tweet needs to directly relate to your skills and abilities. And not every tweet should be call us for our legal services today. Engage in thought leadership about the business of law in general, how clients can obtain better service, etc… to establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Twitter is often a misunderstood medium, used more often as a series of mini- advertisements by employees than anything. Break the cycle of tweets that don’t work and instead, change your Twitter strategy to support your attorney marketing. Take a cue from the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing and start to engage! If you need some help, call us today.