How to Generate Content that Gets Your Law Firm Noticed

I know we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again.  Content is king.  So why are you skimming over your content like it’s not that big a deal?  Do you want people to read your work? Do you want people to find you informative, witty, engaging? Content marketing is not easy, or every attorney would be composing articles that would drive the traffic straight to their doorstep.  It would be as easy as putting up a blog and waiting for the phone to ring.  But it’s not.

Attorneys are effective and succinct writers.  But often, they are about as entertaining as dry toast. Don’t be dry toast.  Be the layers of peanut butter and jelly that you spread on top.  What I mean is be interesting.  It’s not fun for readers to slog through huge chunks of boring text.  In fact, the human attention span is rather small in this day and age.  So how do you get their attention?

Offer More Interesting Content

Let’s face it, when you read attorney generated content, it largely falls into one of two categories. There are the long articles on their website covering every subtle nuance of a legal issue with zero headers or breaks that often puts people to sleep.  And then there are the articles which are so light on content but heavy on hard sell marketing pitch you wonder if you just ran into the guy in the discount stereo ads on tv.  While these are both extremes, there is a happy medium that can spice up your content and draw client interest:

  • Try incorporating case studies into your writing.  Did a recent ruling change the laws in your practice area? Maybe you should write something to update your clients and demonstrate its potential application with case studies.  Case studies can really bring an issue to life for people who don’t possess legal degrees. You don’t have to violate confidentiality rules to publish a hypothetical situation in which this law might be applied.
  • Try video content. We’re visual creatures.  When you can get a video testimonial from a client, you can draw that many more people to your website.  And you can keep them there longer as they hit play to watch what real people have to say about your services.
  • Create viral content. I know, it’s scary, but it can be a great way to increase your exposure.  Did you see the viral parody video a law firm composed of their attorneys dancing to Gangnam Style? Pure genius.  When you’ve got pure gold like that, outlets like Mashable and other huge blogs with millions of viewers can send huge waves of traffic to your firm website.
  • Insert pictures. After a while, people’s eyes wander.  Give them a picture to break up overwhelming looking blocks of text.  Draw their eye to something that will support your point and communicate your brand.

Spice Up Your Content to See Results

The point is that many attorneys churn out content that makes the average consumer cringe and want to look elsewhere. With so much engaging, dynamic, and interesting stuff out there, why would a potential client slog through a mass of boring text? Snooze! Try spicing up your content to keep consumers interested enough to want to pick up the phone and call you.