How to Evaluate Your Attorney Marketing

When it comes to auditing your attorney marketing, often law firms don’t know where to start. Because your attorney marketing may have many moving pieces, it may be difficult to determine the best method of evaluation. However, you can easily measure your attorney marketing’s effectiveness if you keep the basics in mind- what is my return on investment? Am I spending too much to make too little? Let’s examine the ways in which you can evaluate your attorney marketing today.

What’s Your ROI

Good attorney marketing is easy to track. If your attorney marketing isn’t quantifiable, then it may not be working in your favor. What your law firm is interested in is the dollars and cents. How many dollars and cents are you making and how many dollars and cents are you spending? You can quantify your attorney marketing in the following ways:

Case load. Has your case load increased as a result of your attorney marketing? This is an easy indicator of your attorney marketing’s effectiveness. If your case load has been soaring, congratulations, your attorney marketing is working. If it’s stuck idling instead, your attorney marketing may need a shot in the arm to get going.
Phone calls. If your phone isn’t ringing off the hook and your intake team isn’t talking for hours of the day, your attorney marketing may be less effective than you hope. As a measurement tool, judging how frequently your phone is ringing is a great way to determine whether or not your attorney marketing is working.
Website traffic. Often overlooked, website traffic is a great way to determine whether or not your attorney marketing is working. Using a tool like Google Analytics, your law firm can easily see how many people are checking out your website, which pages they’re looking at, and whether or not they’re contacting you after their visit. With such strong visual data, your law firm is able to track its attorney marketing from visit to lead conversion.
Media. Media mentions are a great way to determine whether or not your attorney marketing is working. When your law firm is mentioned in the media, your firm gains many positives including enhanced reputation and new cases. This can come from your law firm’s peers and from consumers directly. By tracking your media mentions, it’s easy for your law firm to determine the effectiveness of its attorney marketing.
Social media. It’s difficult to attract real fans to your law firm’s page. If you’ve successfully increased your social media fans and enhanced fan engagement on your page, then its a smart bet that your attorney marketing efforts are working. Tracking these fans is a great way to evaluate your attorney marketing efforts.

When you’re looking to evaluate your attorney marketing, you should be looking at quantifiable methods. When you’re able to determine in dollars and cents how much your efforts are working, you’ll be able to determine where you should be expending the most efforts. If your law firm needs some help, call eLaw Attorney Marketing today.