How to Define Your Attorney Marketing Strategy

When it comes to your attorney marketing, does your law firm have a strategy in place? Or are you just following what you think your peers are doing? If you haven’t stopped to define your attorney marketing strategy, you are likely missing opportunities to position yourself in the marketplace. Or worse, you could be wasting money on the wrong attorney marketing tools. Instead of jumping in blindly, learn how to formulate an attorney marketing strategy that can bring your law firm the business you need and the attention it deserves.

Strategizing 101

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: attorneys do not usually make good attorney marketers. Often, this is apparent when you ask about the law firm’s attorney marketing strategy. When you sit down to audit a law firm’s efforts, usually the first questions are what is your attorney marketing strategy, how did you come up with that strategy, and what are the techniques you’ll be using to accomplish your attorney marketing strategy? Many law firms can’t answer a single one of those questions. Some law firms can attempt an answer, but frequently what they think is a strategy is little more than a few techniques they picked up on with no overarching goal, positioning statement, defined audience, theme, timing, or real plan. This is typical, but not ideal for attorney marketing. Instead of winging it, law firms should consider creating an attorney marketing strategy. To define your law firm’s attorney marketing strategy, start with the following elements:

Attorney marketing goals. What do you want to achieve with your attorney marketing? The key is to define what success looks like. Does your law firm want to increase its case load by 30%? Or does your law firm seek to enhance its reputation? To define an attorney marketing strategy, your law firm must first define its overall goal.
Communication goals. What do you hope to communicate to your potential clients? What message will your attorney marketing be carrying to your ideal client?
• SWOT analysis. What are the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of your law firm’s attorney marketing? What opportunities or threats exist in the marketplace? How does your law firm stand out currently?
Marketing positioning. How will your law firm position itself in the marketplace to differentiate itself from its competitors? What position will your law firm take with its attorney marketing? What theme and tone will your law firm use to position itself adequately?
Audience segmentation. In order to succeed with your attorney marketing, you need to segment your audience. What portion of the population will you be targeting overall, and with specific tools? By segmenting your audience, your law firm can increase its effectiveness. Remember, the general population is not a proper segmentation of the audience; if you fail to segment your audience, your attorney marketing will likely fall on deaf ears.
• Tactics and tools. What techniques will you use to perform your attorney marketing? How will these relate back to the overall goals of your attorney marketing? What is needed to support these elements of your attorney marketing?
Budget, timing. How much will your attorney marketing cost and how long will it take? If you haven’t stopped to define a time that this should run, and how much it will cost, your law firm may incur expenses it did not anticipate. All tactics should have a defined period of time that your law firm will be using them and a dollar amount that your law firm is not willing to exceed.
Measurement. What does success look like? How will your law firm know when it’s accomplished its attorney marketing goals? What are the sources of data that will allow you to decipher whether or not you’ve reached your attorney marketing goals?

By putting a cohesive attorney marketing strategy together, your law firm will better be able to decide where it should be focusing its energies, how much to spend, and how to evaluate success. By blindly pursuing attorney marketing, your law firm is doing itself a disservice. Attorney marketing is rarely successful when it is unfocused. The key is to laser in on what your law firm needs and how to accomplish it. If your law firm is looking for some help, contact eLaw Attorney Marketing today.