How to Combine Social Media Marketing and SEO

Internet Marketing for Lawyers

Internet marketing is comprised of many different technologies and strategies. Many businesses and attorneys will focus all their energy into one type of strategy hoping it will be successful. However, the best way to boost your advertising power is to combine these strategies harmoniously. While marketing methods may differ greatly, they can be used together. Here are two imperative strategies that can be combined:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Also known as SEO, search engine optimization is the process of increasing one’s visibility on commonly used search engines like Google and Yahoo. If a company increases their website’s page rank, their page is more likely be seen in the search results. Companies build and transform their websites constantly to increase their site’s page rank according to Google’s formula. SEO can help companies gain attention from online users and attract new customers.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is marketing done on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Google Plus and Pinterest. Businesses will create company pages on these social media websites in order to promote their sales and products. Social media marketing has proven to be extremely successful as these social networking websites already host millions of online users.

How to Combine Social Media Marketing and SEO

While these marketing strategies are extremely different and require diverse processes, they hold the same purpose: information discovery. Companies are trying to inform users with either social media or search engines. The end result is the same. Thus, both strategies can be used together to increase online visibility and achieve results. Here are several ways to integrate the two methods:

  • Optimize your social accounts. Perform optimization on your social media pages like you would on your website. Use important key words so that your social media pages can appear on search engine search results.
  • Post social sharing buttons on your site. By linking your social sharing buttons on your website, you can increase your website’s page rank in the Google searches. In addition, people visiting you website can follow you on Facebook and Twitter and share your posts with other users.
  • Post a link of your website on your social media sites to help drive traffic to your website and increase its visibility on the search engine results.

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Achieving SEO for Los Angeles car accident attorneys requires much content creation and back-linking, while social media marketing requires constant engaging of online users. However, these strategies can be used together in order to increase visibility on the web and dominate the online world.

SEO and social media marketing are just two of the many marketing strategies used by lawyers today. For all of your attorney marketing needs, you should contact the marketing specialists at eLaw Attorney Marketing. Our internet marketing specialists can create a successful campaign for your firm to generate new and better leads. Contact us today for a free consultation.