How to Combine Event Planning and Social Media Marketing

Event planning and social media are two extremely vital tools in legal marketing. Event planning is imperative for lawyers to take part in to understand the current happenings in the legal profession. In addition, event planning can be resourceful in meeting new attorneys, clients, and business partners. Attending events is critical for attorneys and law firms in order to social network and expand their businesses.

While social networking can be performed online, events allow attorneys to make a more lasting first impression. Through events, attorneys can create stronger connections in just a few hours. However, social media should not be completely disregarded compared to event marketing. Social media can help attorneys boost their event planning and allow them to meet more people.

How to Integrate Social Media

Whether your firm is hosting an occasion or you want to increase the pool of attendees for a more successful event, follow these rules on how to integrate social media with event planning. Through social media marketing, you can publicize your event and create for an even better occasion.

  • Your first move should be creating an event page on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. By creating a page on social media websites you can easily see who will be attending. This will help in planning the event. In addition, these websites will allow you to easily inform those attending the date, times, location, and what to expect. Not to mention, Facebook will also notify the guest list whenever you make a change in the event information.
  • With social media marketing, you can create a buzz.  On these websites, share content and graphics to get people excited. Even use content from past events to show the success your events have had.
  • Get people excited by giving them a sneak peak. Mention speakers, attendees to give them a reason to come. Tell them what they can gain – what kind of knowledge and tips that will be introduced.
  • With Facebook, people can check in and inform others. This will help spread awareness about your company and events.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures of your event. Using Facebook and Twitter, thank everyone who came to the event and helped made it successful.

Legal Marketing Services

When it comes to legal marketing, there are numerous resources and outlets that can be utilized to spread awareness of your firm and produce leads and revenue. For help marketing your next event or generating better leads, call our agency today for a free consultation. At eLaw Attorney Marketing we can increase your firm’s online visibility to gain leads. Contact us today.