How to Build a Smart Attorney Blog to Gain Traffic

After months of reading our blogs here, you’ve finally decided to embrace content marketing. As a first step, you’ve decided to try a blog of your own. You’ve already got some great ideas, and the creative juices are flowing. Do you know where to begin?

Creating a smart blog isn’t easy. And gaining followers isn’t easy either. But if you follow our guidelines, you can create a smart legal blog that will help you to get noticed and attract new clients to your site.

The How To’s of Attorney Blogging

Attorney blogging isn’t intuitive. If you do a search online, you’ll find many diverse examples of attorney blogging. Unfortunately, in the massive amounts of results, you’ll find many bad examples of attorney bloggers. Some sites make you cringe because they’re that bad. Don’t be that blog that discourages people from reading more. Follow these easy steps to create a blog worthy of reading and sharing.

• Create a niche for yourself. In order to stand out from the crowd, you’ll want to focus your blogging efforts on a niche topic. Are you a personal injury lawyer? You’ll want to narrow your blogging efforts to a niche like personal injury law instead of offering musings on everything from estate planning to bankruptcy law. Offer relevant and interesting content with a focused brand to create a niche blog that draws clients to your firm.
• Use a unique design. Your blog is different and you want it to stand out. Don’t just use a template theme that anyone else can create. Feature your own law firm’s logo, your attorneys’ pictures, or designs which are memorable and unique. You want your blog to stand out of the crowd.
• Write an About Us or Team page that offers a glimpse of the people behind your blog. Web users are curious. They are so curious that they want to know who’s writing and communicating with them. Let them know who’s doing the writing. Feature your bloggers’ pictures and background info. Give clients a reason to trust their advice or opinions.
• Develop a unique writing style. Don’t copy everybody else out there. Develop a unique voice in your blog that is all your own. Let your personality shine through your blog to entertain and inform your visitors.
• Develop a posting schedule. Your posting schedule is critical. You can’t be inconsistent and just add blog posts sporadically. This kind of posting does little to attract visitors to your site. Instead, decide how often you’ll be posting and stick to it. It won’t do any good to post daily and then switch to biannually. Take some time to figure out your regular posting schedule and carve out some time to accomplish this.
• Add social media sharing buttons. You want your content to be shared across the net in order to gain more attention. By adding social media sharing buttons, you increase the likelihood that your visitors may share you in their social networks.
• Promote your blog via social media. Now that you understand the power of social media share buttons, start the ball rolling and promote your blog online via your social media networks. Give your fans and followers an opportunity to find you and an opportunity to join in the discussion.
Attorney blogs can be painful to read at times because people skip over the basics. When you take time to educate yourself about the basics and plan your blog out, you’ll find that your blogging will improve immensely. Blogging will require some trial and error on your part, but you can get it down and join the ranks of successful attorney bloggers. Imagine the people you can reach with your blog!