How to Blog Effectively to Support Your Attorney Marketing

These days, it seems like everyone has a blog. Whether you’ve been sold on the idea of blogging for content marketing, or you thought you should have one, many law firms now maintain blogs as a part of their attorney marketing. However, many of these same law firms are unaware that their efforts are ineffective at best because they’re not following best practices for blogging. If your law firm is guilty of half hearted blogging, what does this say about your attorney marketing? To enjoy the benefits that blogging can offer your attorney marketing, it’s important to get it right.

Best Blogging Practices for Your Law Firm’s Attorney Marketing

When it comes to blogging, it seems simple and intuitive. But to many, it’s not. Instead, blogging can be extremely difficult to get right. There are so many issues to think about that many law firms simply don’t consider or gloss over. If you’re just taking a few minutes every month, or every other month, your attorney marketing is going to suffer. Instead of continuing to waste your efforts, let’s discuss how you can support your attorney marketing better with effective blogging:

Post regularly. Many law firms think that if they post a blog once every month or two, that this is enough to draw clients to their website. It’s not. In fact, when you post this infrequently, you don’t produce enough content to draw potential clients to your website on a regular basis. Your content gets stale and can get lost in internet search engine results. By posting so infrequently, you really are doing your attorney marketing a disservice. When you establish a regular posting schedule (say weekly or daily,) your fresh content starts to draw potential clients to your website on a regular basis. With a reason to come back and diverse keywords to attract different and new potential clients, your regular blog posts will begin to draw higher amounts of traffic. When you increase your traffic, you increase the odds that potential clients will sign up with your law firm. Increase your posting schedule to increase the effectiveness of your attorney marketing.
SEO your content. When you write your content for your blog, consider the keywords that you want associated with your law firm. If you’re not using them frequently and naturally, you may not be reaching anyone. By using these keywords frequently and naturally, you draw potential clients to your website organically. Soon, you will see bigger traffic gains as a result of this popular attorney marketing technique.
Claim authorship of your blog. Is your law firm claiming authorship of your blog? Internet users love to see the face behind the name. When you’re blogging, link your blog to your Google plus profile so clients can connect the dots and see who’s behind the post. This also works to spread your content to social networks, which can draw even more users to your website. Search engines often show preference to social media posts, so your blog content will experience a bigger benefit in terms of your attorney marketing.
Write strategically. When you write your blog for attorney marketing, you want to write strategically with both the user in mind and search engines. This means writing lengthy articles, using H1 and H2 meta tags, and creating easily scannable content. When you write strategically, you are better able to capture not only your intended audience’s attention, but search engines, effectively supporting your attorney marketing efforts.
Write valuable content. Many attorneys simply regurgitate news clips such as an article about a man being hit by a hit and run driver. But they don’t go a step further to connect the dots and teach potential clients how the law firm’s services can help in this situation. Attorneys need to think in terms of providing value to clients to attract and keep their attention.
Create calls to action. If your post rambles, but doesn’t include a call to action, you may be missing out on an opportunity to lead potential clients to action. What do you expect of them at the end of your blog post? Hopefully, you want these consumers to read your post and do something- read more on your website, call your law firm today, or to download more information. Make your intentions clear to lead consumers further along in the sales process.

Blogging is a great attorney marketing method, but often law firms don’t use it effectively. Try these techniques to see bigger attorney marketing gains. And if you need some help, call the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing to help you attract more clients and experience bigger traffic gains today.