How to Audit Your SEO Campaign to Increase Your Law Firm’s Ranking

The legal field is feeling rather small these days.  It seems as if everywhere you turn, the same law firms are grabbing the same headlines and the same top rankings.  What’s a firm to do when you’re trying desperately to break into these coveted top rankings?  You’ve been publishing content, trying to get your name out there, and you’re engaging with followers and fans.  Now what? If your efforts appear to be unnoticed, it’s time to audit your law firm’s SEO campaign.

A well crafted SEO campaign should have a fair amount of strategy involved.  How will your law firm be presented in comparison to its competitors? How will their SEO strategies affect your own rankings and strategy? Do you know who you’re trying to reach with your SEO campaign? It takes time to flesh out these ideas and even more time to get them right.  A cohesive SEO campaign wasn’t crafted overnight, though.  Let’s look at your law firm’s SEO campaign to determine how to increase your law firm’s ranking.

Examining Your SEO Strategies

It’s easy to think of SEO as a collection of tools.  But if you’re jumping into using the tools without the strategy to support it, then your SEO campaign is likely going to suffer. The key to a successful SEO campaign is strategy.  Let’s examine the elements of your SEO strategy to increase your law firm’s rankings:

  • Audience segmentation. Have you clearly identified your law firm’s desired client? Do you know what will induce various consumers to sign onto your law firm’s services? Only by clearly segmenting your audience can you establish a strategy to reach your desired client. SEO done without a basic understanding of who you’re trying to reach isn’t going to be effective.  Instead, take the time to segment your audience and determine appropriate messaging.
  • Know your competitors. Are you pursuing the same high value keywords that the rest of your competition is? If you’re up against a firm in Big Law, you could be severely outmatched and outspent.  This doesn’t bode well for a law firm that’s seeking to establish itself.  By knowing a little bit about your competition, you’re better able to decide where to invest your SEO time and money.
  • Determine its fit within your overall attorney marketing strategy. SEO isn’t performed on an island.  As one of the many tools in your attorney marketing, you should examine whether or not your SEO will be working in harmony with your other strategies or working against it.  Sometimes, law firms are unaware that their attorney marketing and SEO are at odds. If this is the case with your law firm, results will be harder to obtain.
  • Measurable results. Does your SEO campaign provide measurable results? Are you obtaining more traffic, more leads, more clients and cases? If you can’t pinpoint the return on your investment, then your SEO is likely not performing at its optimal.  Only with a clear understanding of your SEO campaign’s measurable results can you be sure of its effectiveness.

There are many tools to better understand your SEO campaign and to enhance its effectiveness.  If you’re seeking some help, call the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing today. We’ll be happy to help your law firm audit its SEO campaign.