How Social Media Will Reshape Attorney Marketing

Since social media burst on the scene almost a decade ago, it has continued to evolve and expand its reach. Over the past 5 years, social media has grown too large to ignore. Today, businesses who seek to attract consumer attention are present in these networks. Much like the introduction of the world wide web over a decade ago, businesses who want to remain competitive need to consider maintaining a presence on social media. But more so than being present, you need to be active. If your law firm isn’t including social media in its attorney marketing strategies, you’re missing out on opportunities.

Social Media Integrates and Innovates Attorney Marketing

Once upon a time, social media was more of an ancillary technique, something to engage in if you get a spare minute. The former thinking was that it didn’t produce any measurable results other than an intangible form of engagement. The dominant thinking in marketing circles has changed and businesses, including law firms, are realizing real dollars and cents based returns on their investments (ROI). Social media has become a driver of attorney marketing in ways that your law firm may not have realized. Consider the following ways in which social media will reshape your attorney marketing:

Social media will become a preferred client search platform. Consumers have changed the way they search and now search for businesses socially. The largest sources of traffic outside of Google are now from social media networks. Search engines have taken notice and Google and Bing have both announced revisions to their search results intended to boost social media content for users. If you’re not active on social media networks, your law firm could be undermining your attorney marketing strategy. Your firm is going to have to get social in order to reach consumers and potential clients on their own turf.
Prospects are seeking to speak with attorneys more frequently through social media. More law firms are finding out that when they create active and thriving social media pages, they get more attention from consumers. Consumers want to drop a line to an attorney and find out whether this attorney is a right fit. In one such instance, one of our clients was contacted multiple times by consumers putting out feelers, trying to determine whether that law firm’s legal skills could extend to their issue. If your law firm is not present in these networks, you won’t have access to the people who are seeking to interact with attorneys online.
Social media will boost law firm’s reputations for thought leadership. In this day and age, positioning your firm as a standout among its competitors can be difficult. Attorney marketing no longer is as simple as taking out an advertisement in the paper. Instead, consumers are becoming savvy searchers and looking for attorneys who are thought leaders in the industry. A strong engagement in social media provides this image of thought leadership for clients who are seeking the best attorney to handle their legal issue. If your attorney marketing isn’t boosting your reputation for thought leadership in channels your clients will consult, you may be missing out on significant opportunities.
Social media will offer individual approaches to client conversion. Law firms who closely monitor their social media may notice that clients sometimes post when they’re weighing decisions such as choosing an attorney. If you’re able to email these connections individually and tell them you may have the answer to their legal dilemma, you’ve just become their hero. Attorney marketing will soon encompass client engagement to help convert those leads with personal engagement. Companies already practicing this technique are already converting clients at higher rates than their competitors.

If your law firm still thinks social media isn’t going to produce any benefit, you’re behind the times. Much as people who believe the internet is a passing fad, businesses who fail to embrace social media as a legitimate marketing tool will soon find themselves struggling to catch up to law firms actively supporting and driving their attorney marketing forward.