How Law Firms Boost their Search Ranking with Google Plus

Google’s a fickle search engine.  With algorithms that rely heavily on back links and organic content structures, it also heavily favors its own site in the trust rankings.  So as you share your content across the web, you can’t forget about Google Plus if you want your content ranking higher in search engines.

Sure, Google Plus is less favored than Facebook as far as a social media hangout.  Those who are late to the party often don’t enjoy the same kinds of attention.  However, as marketers, you can’t afford to ignore Google Plus as a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Google Plus Boosts Your Rankings

Simply put, Google Plus will boost your rankings.  Google favors its own content network over all other networks, all other trusted social media sites, and all other popular websites.  In its trust rankings, its own network of sites naturally rank higher because they’re on a trusted network.  For instance, Youtube videos and Google Plus statuses appear quite highly in search results and stay that way.  Want to be number 3 on the page today? Share some content with a blurb using the relevant key words. Google will place this content on its front page, usually around the 3rd or 4th result mark on the page.

But the benefits of Google Plus don’t stop there.  Much like Facebook’s experiment with promoting popular content, Google Plus now has “What’s Hot and Recommended.”  When your content is shared frequently among users, you could be promoted in the news feed as hot and recommended.

According to Google, “We’re always experimenting with ways to bring interesting and relevant content to your Home stream, so you may notice small changes from time to time.”

Ways to Increase Your Google Plus Social Shares

Law firms and legal support businesses are often unsure of how to present content that might be share worthy. What do people want?  Remember your audience and what they want to know more about before they hire you.  Are you a personal injury lawyer? Why not offer content focused on what to do after an accident? Engage and inform people in order to encourage their shares.

Try these tools too:

  • Post relevant and valuable content
  • Place Google Plus share buttons at the bottom of your posts
  • Claim authorship of the content and place links on your other sites to encourage more viewership
  • Run a Google Plus campaign to encourage more followers
  • Share your content on Google Plus and post to a public audience so it shows up in search results

With a little practice, your content could be shared as what’s hot and recommended, increasing your traffic by leaps and bounds.