How Law Firm Marketing Has Changed in the Last 10 Years

Due to the advancement of new technology, online marketing for law firms and attorneys has changed rapidly. Attorneys and law firms no longer have to rely on advertisements posted in print media in order to generate leads. Instead, lawyers turn to the internet for their marketing as they can reach a mass group of millions at just the click of a button.

In addition, people do not have to rely on word of mouth when searching for legal assistance or help. Now people can utilize the worldwide web when researching an attorney’s qualifications, experience, and practice areas. The internet has given people more options when hiring an attorney.

The Advancement of Online Technology

The presence of the internet has evolved the face of legal marketing as many attorneys and law firms rely on the internet. With new technology, attorneys can utilize online marketing tools such as:

  • Social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Blogs and articles
  • Online press releases
  • Videos and images
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Search engine optimization for their attorney website
  • Online reviews on Yelp and Google Plus

Today, it is absolutely vital to have an online presence – not just to attract potential clients, but be recognized by peers and the professional world. Nowadays, all attorneys can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn. Many are able to spread awareness of their services by promoting deals and engaging followers.

The Difficulty of Online Marketing

Marketing online has offered many benefits compared to the archaic ways of marketing. However, there are struggles when trying to market a firm online. Many law firms become overwhelmed with the complex marketing strategies, like SEO and PPC, and fail to market themselves successfully.

Others argue that the internet cuts out personal connection. While it may not be enough for a client to hire you based on your Facebook profile page, you can still create a connection with online users through showing compassion and intellect through your blog and online testimonial reviews.

There are numerous ways where you can connect with users and generate leads. Illustrate your legal expertise through your blog site and engage followers online by answering their questions and giving them helpful tips. The internet is a vast platform where you should be seen.

If you’re looking to update your marketing campaign with modern marketing strategies, contact the specialists at eLaw Attorney Marketing today. We can help you generate new leads by increasing your online presence. Contact us for a free consultation today regarding all of your attorney marketing needs.