How Do You Measure Your Attorney Marketing Successes

When it comes to attorney marketing, often the number one question that attorneys ask us is how you measure success. Often, law firms are sold a dream when they get into attorney marketing, and sometimes that dream just doesn’t come true. Depending upon their attorney marketing strategies and tactics, success could take on numerous forms. But no matter which tactic or strategy behind your law firm’s attorney marketing, success is tangible and can be measured. Let’s examine the following ways in which this is achieved.

The Image of Success

When it comes to attorney marketing, law firms want to know whether the dollars they’ve spent are a good investment or not. What makes spending money a good investment to the law firm? Depending upon that answer, success could take on a variety of forms. But success is measurable, no matter the tactic or attorney marketing strategy your law firm is using. The following ways represent various measurements of success that your law firm could experience as a result of their attorney marketing:
Enhanced reputation. Often, it seems as if a good reputation is an intangible form of success, but it can be measured. In public relations, professionals measure a law firm’s enhanced reputation by monitoring the media. A firm experiencing a boost to their reputation will find themselves mentioned more favorably in more locations, they will find that more consumers are talking about the law firm in social media, and will find themselves recognized by their peers in peer groups. This can translate into more clients and more referrals from other attorneys. Your attorney marketing should seek to enhance your reputation because of the huge gains you can achieve now and down the road.
Increased case load. All law firms operate based on caseload. If a law firm is able to attract more clients and increase their caseload, then their attorney marketing has clearly worked. When the phone is ringing and clients are coming through the door, there is no clearer picture of success. But what if your attorney marketing seems to have only marginally worked? It may be the case that your law firm may have to adjust its image of success or it may have to adjust the tactics and strategies used to perform its attorney marketing.
Increased consumer confidence. This is often difficult for law firms to grasp; the idea of consumer confidence and trust can seem intangible. However, this is easily measured by reviews on third party review sites, favorable media mentions, increased likes/ fans on social media, and increased engagement across your networks where consumers are actively seeking your law firm’s counsel. Consumer trust and confidence should be a targeted goal of your attorney marketing to assist in converting consumers into paying clients.
Increased visibility. When your attorney marketing is working, suddenly it seems like your law firm is much more visible. When your law firm is more visible, your firm is better able to attract clients. This can include a website that is ranking well, advertisements that are frequently featured, and mentions in industry publications. Do not overlook the value of visibility as it can translate into cases.

If your law firm is still seeking to define its successes, then measurement will be a harder concept to grasp. Depending upon your narrow attorney marketing goals, your law firm’s picture of success could be different. If you’re looking for some professional advice, call the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing. We’ll help your law firm define its success and create an attorney marketing campaign to help you achieve that success.