How Attorneys Can Use Social Media for SEO

The latest Google algorithm updates have presented a bit of a pickle for attorney marketers.  Gone are the days that poor optimization techniques such as keyword stuffing can land law firms at the top of Google’s rankings.  Instead, the search engine is focusing heavily on providing internet users with a relevant and valuable experience.  These changes have given rise to an influx of content marketing across the internet harnessing the power of social media, the blogosphere, and many other valuable sources.

Social Media is the New SEO

Approximately 92% of marketers believe content marketing is effective as a method for SEO.  This is because internet users are hungry for content.  Today’s marketing is in real time and users are hungry for answers, information, and entertainment.  At the top of Google’s search results are often pictures, videos, and social media posts discussing your search topic.  Similarly, Bing is ranking content that appears to be more social and relevant to users’ search queries. Essentially, search results have gone social.  This is not surprising; social media networks are a string of new content uploaded across the globe in rapid speed.  1 in 5 social media updates is a link to content: video, pictures, websites, articles.  On top of the content users post to their own profiles, they are frequently linking to content producers outside of their social media network. If users suddenly stopped sharing, liking, discussing, and watching, these networks would shut down overnight.  We have become a society of information consumers.

The 2 biggest search engines are working on new updates to their algorithms that will far surpass current SEO techniques.  Google is working on +1’s as an evaluation tool for website rankings.  Additionally, tweets are now being used as an indexing tool for content. Bing, on the other hand, is using Facebook likes to deliver more relevant and higher ranked content to users.  Businesses with content marketing strategies including social media and blogs are discovering their referring keywords are growing as these updates increase, increasing traffic numbers. It’s clear that social media content is becoming the new SEO.

How Attorneys Can Capitalize on this Trend

Attorneys are often late to the party when it comes to new internet marketing techniques.  It’s no surprise since attorneys are in the business of law, not marketing.  But in order to stay competitive in business, it’s important to engage in marketing to gain those shiny new leads to convert into paying clients.  To capitalize on this trend, attorneys should take the following into account:

  • Social media runs on content.  Specifically, users value content which is relevant, thought provoking, newsworthy, informative, and entertaining.  You can’t get shares, mentions, and retweets by putting up a lame duck that doesn’t interest anyone.  Find a way to make your content interesting.  Consider it a part of your service offerings.
  • Persistence is key. These social media content marketing strategies don’t work if you put up 2 blogs and then ignore it for a while.  Attorney marketers need to be persistent and continue to put out relevant and valuable content to attract new traffic, new leads, and new clients.
  • Your content tells the story of your brand. Brands with developed stories tend to become leaders or authorities in their field.  Seek to communicate your brand story with every post and consumer message.  Who are you, what do you care about, and what do you offer people?  Stay on topic, but not like a constant running sales pitch.

The more you offer valuable and relevant content, the more you will find your audience online.  As attorney marketers, it’s a harder leap for some than providing a tasty burger or online good, but persistence can pay off.  This year, marketers will spend over $15 billion on content marketing because it works.  Don’t be late to the party; try out these techniques for your law firm today.