How Attorneys Can Use Email Marketing to Obtain Clients

Email has become a necessary and integral piece of our modern lives.   It’s no wonder that companies of all types use this medium to reach customers every day.  This ranges from the company newsletters or tips and tricks mailers you get to general mass mailings.  Dependent upon your law firm’s business goals, you may find one or both of these ideas to be highly beneficial.  As attorney marketers, these tools can be powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal.

The most frequent question we hear is how you can leverage email marketing for your law firm. The key is to refine your business goals and to determine who you desire to reach.  Once you’ve got that worked out, you need to figure out how to obtain the email addresses and what kind of content you’re going to include in your email marketing campaign.

How is Email Marketing Used

Email marketing is generally used in two ways.

1.  To communicate with existing clients, referrals, and associates.  These emails generally take on a newsletter format whereby your law firm will communicate the newest service offerings, what’s going on in the office, how clients could further benefit from your expertise, you name it.  These are generally keep in touch type of emails sent out to remind clients that you’re there and you’d like to handle their next issue.

2.  Mass mailers to troll for new clients.  These massive generic emails are used primarily to drum up business.  Attorney marketers use these frequently to drum up business for mass torts, personal injury cases, and other matters related to consumer legal services.  Mass marketing emails are used to cast a wide net and to hopefully obtain as many new leads as possible.  Using this technique, law firms have experienced great rates of success when used properly.

Content is Key to Reaching Your Audience

To get noticed in a user’s email box, you have to stand out of the crowd.  Today’s email users are sensitive to emails they feel might be spammy and the natural instinct is to send these emails to spam unless you can grab their attention.  As attorney marketers, we advocate that it’s all about your content.  Content drives so much of what we do for our clients and it should always be something you strive to perfect. Your goal should be to create valuable content and to present it in an irresistible way.  You want to encourage users to open your email and to follow the link to your website.  But how do you increase the odds that you’ll reach someone this way?

  • Optimize your emails.  You want your tags and headers to stand out with valuable and irresistible content to grab a user’s attention.  Include calls to action and a benefit that users will want to learn more about.  Provide them with an opportunity that they can’t resist.
  • Create content that endears you to your clients and prospective clients.  Offer to solve their problem, to help them in a way that they might not have considered, and attach a monetary value that they will be hard pressed to ignore.  As an example, you could offer to show them how you can increase their benefits by as much as 40%.  Simple offers like this are often quite effective for attorney marketers.
  • Scale your emails for mobile devices.  This holiday shopping season has seen an increase in mobile device sales by as much as 30%.  If your law firm isn’t scaling its emails to reach mobile users, you may miss out on a huge group of people because they can’t see your email as you intended.
  • Keep it brief and keep it visual.  As email users, we don’t want to wade through paragraphs of text.  Most people respond best with visual stimulation. Keep your points brief, keep it visual, and you’ll increase your chances of reaching your core audience.

If you’re looking for ways to extend your attorney marketing reach, try these simple email marketing techniques to gain leads and gain new clients today.