How a Blog Can Benefit Your Law Firm

The days when an attorney could hang a shingle out front of their practice to advertise are long gone. Today it’s a digital age. And in this digital age, attorneys are becoming increasingly comfortable with internet technologies and attorney marketing tools such as blogging. Despite a myriad of many online tools and attorney marketing techniques, blogging remains one of the most effective attorney marketing methods.

Blogging is still popular with consumers because the internet is run on content. This content doesn’t always fit into 140 characters or less. When consumers need information, often they turn to blogs in order to educate and entertain themselves. If your law firm is seeking to attract more consumers, your firm should be writing a regular blog to attract them to your attorney marketing. Let’s discuss the benefits that a blog can bring to your law firm.

Blogging to Help Your Law Firm

Many businesses experience big gains from writing and maintaining blogs. However, it seems attorneys have largely been slow to adopt this marketing technique. Those that have adopted blogging as an attorney marketing method have built communities of interested consumers, boosted their own reputations, and more. Consider the following ways in which blogging can benefit your law firm:

Increase your visibility. Blogs draw consumers to your law firm’s website. Blogging is about connecting people with your ideas. When you sit down to write about a legal topic, there are consumers searching the internet for just that topic. If you are able to provide them with their desired information in an informative but entertaining way, you may be more likely to encourage those consumers to visit your website to learn more about the services you offer. Writing a blog can definitely increase your visibility online, driving traffic to your law firm’s website.
Network like a pro. Often, when attorneys blog, they are able to attract not only consumer attention, but the attention of their peers. This is a valuable form of networking that can help your law firm gain more referral business from your peers. Blogging not only offers people a glimpse into your legal knowledge, but a glimpse into your own personality. And people like to offer cases to other attorneys that they like and respect. By maintaining a blog, your law firm increases its abilities to network and potentially gain new cases.
Establish your law firm as experts. When consumers search for attorneys, they are looking for the best of the best. Consumers don’t do searches looking for C list students out of low tier law schools. They search for someone who appears to be an expert in their field. When your law firm publishes blogs, consumers start to equate your attorneys with experts in the field. This is a solid attorney marketing win because it establishes your law firm as a standout in the legal community.
Offer links to your law firm’s website. When it comes to boosting your attorney marketing in the eyes of consumers, links help propel your law firm into the higher rankings online. When you write a blog, you have the ability to link to your website’s content to drive traffic to these pages.

When you write a blog, your law firm gains multiple benefits to gain new clients. A blog is a great way to boost your attorney marketing content and to set your law firm apart from the rest of the crowd. If you’re looking for some help establishing a blog, call the team at eLaw Attorney Marketing today.