Has Your SEO Stalled Or Has Your Firm Committed SEO Errors?

One of the most frequent things we hear from attorneys is how ineffective they think SEO is because they tried it once and it seemed to stall. Often, when we dig a little deeper, we discover that what these attorneys really mean to say is that they entrusted their attorney marketing to an SEO firm and forgot about it. Or they got taken in by a spammy email promising high returns for low dollars and it didn’t work.

When faced with complaints about SEO like this, we often try to separate what likely happened from realistic expectations about the firm’s attorney marketing. We’ve found that with a little education, attorneys start to see that when executed shoddily, SEO carries little benefit and can actually be detrimental to attorneys. Let’s consider the following SEO don’ts below.

Don’t Commit these SEO Sins

When executed properly, SEO is an effective tool to help boost the effectiveness of your attorney marketing. When executed poorly, SEO kind of starts to seem like it’s a flop. If you’re suspecting your attorney marketing SEO isn’t working properly, your SEO practitioner may be committing one of the following grievous errors:

Comment spam a palooza. If there’s one thing that stands out like a sore thumb, it’s comment spam. Often, attorneys don’t realize that the SEO techniques that people are using for their attorney marketing is nothing more than spam. When you Google an attorney’s name, the last thing that you want to come up are comments about being hacked, that your neighbor is killing hummingbirds, or other such doozies. Often, in their zest to provide “relevant” comments in these forums, SEO practitioners forget that in search results, they make an attorney look bad. They make an attorney look REALLY BAD. These comment spam posts don’t just go away overnight, either. They linger and can be tough hurdles to overcome. Don’t let your reputation be ruined because you entrusted your SEO to the wrong practitioner.
Link farms. It’s easy to get taken in by shady SEO practitioners. When that email arrives in your inbox promising hundreds, if not thousands of quality inbound links to your website, it seems almost too good to be true. The truth is that these link farms are often associated with pornography, scams, and viruses. When you buy risky links, you can actually drag your website’s rankings down by associating with these sites. Don ‘t try to take the easy way out. Link building takes time and effort. It’s not an overnight thing.
Keyword stuffed pages. Keyword stuffing used to be popular prior to Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. In fact, websites were often guilty of offering low quality content and high value keywords peppered unnaturally. If your attorney marketing still consists of keyword stuffed pages, you could be suffering penalties for unnatural keyword stuffing.
Duplicate content. Are you showing the same content on multiple sites? Are you hosting content that’s present across the internet? If your attorney marketing consists of duplicate content, your SEO could be suffering from penalties for duplicate content.

Poorly executed SEO makes your attorney marketing look bad and it can drive your website rankings down. If you’re unsure of the SEO strategies that your SEO practitioners are pursuing, you could be at risk. If you think your SEO is stalled, you should review your attorney marketing SEO. Call eLaw Attorney Marketing today for a review of your SEO needs.