Grow Your Business with Evolved Marketing and Advertising

It’s no secret that business is evolving leaps and bounds with technology.  For years, the gold standard was to take an advertisement out in the yellow pages listing your business so people could find you.  Unfortunately, these days are well in our past.  If you’re still advertising in an actual phone book, you’re missing an opportunity to advertise where your clients are actually located.

Fewer than 25% of consumers between the ages of 35 and 44 consult the phone book anymore.  When was the last time you heard of someone opening a phone book instead of Googling something or consulting their smart phone applications? The few instances the phone book is used anymore is by people who are already familiar with a business and are seeking the information of that business.  Consumer habits have changed and in response, 2 of the largest phone book publishers, R.H. Donnelley and Idearc, have filed for bankruptcy.

Shouldn’t Your Advertising Evolve As Well?

Time and time again, we advocate marketing and advertising in the places your customers hang out.  If your customers aren’t opening up phone books anymore, does it make sense to keep advertising there? Law firms are notoriously resistant to change, but changing your advertising spending to match consumer behavior changes can make a huge difference for your firm.  It’s time to drop the antiquated advertising methods you grew up with and embrace the future.

We Know Where Your Customers Are Looking For Attorneys

There is no one best tool to reach your potential clients anymore.  In our experience, clients trust our marketing and advertising techniques because we couple television, internet, and mobile marketing tools to reach clients in the places they’re searching. As a result, our customers gain better leads and more quality cases.  We don’t waste your time with gimmicks or tricks, we produce solid results from our years of experience.

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