Google Launches New Marketing Tool: Tag Manager

Google is making some friendly changes for internet marketers with the addition of Tag Manager.  Anyone who’s dabbled in the world of internet marketing knows that there’s a lot of work and linking going on in order to link your coding to analytics and advertising services.  When the little hour glass comes up on your screen, or that colorful wheel of death that Apple is fond of, it’s often the result of a slowly loading page.  If you look closely at the bottom, all of these entities may be slowly scrolling by.

In an effort to make pages load quicker and still provide these useful tools, Google created a device which would link to all of these different services with a single tag.  Web marketers’ lives just got a whole lot easier.  Today Google launches the English version with more language pack options slated for later release.

Google’s betting that this will be as popular as Google analytics, redefining web marketing.  By increasing the ability to measure content in an efficient manner, Google is helping companies deliver more bang for their buck to customers.  And that’s something we can all get behind.