Get More out of Your Pinterest Attorney Marketing

Pinterest is one of the top social media networks today. If your law firm isn’t on it, you could be missing out on one of the top 5 referrers of traffic to your website. When it comes to your attorney marketing, Pinterest can be a great way to get the word out to diverse segments of the internet population, particularly women. As a social media network dominated by women, this is the perfect space to reach females who may be in need of an attorney. When it comes to speaking to these women, do you know how to tailor your attorney marketing? Do you know the techniques that will get your visuals noticed? Read further to find out eLaw Attorney Marketing’s tips for using Pinterest for effective attorney marketing.

How to Use Pinterest for Attorney Marketing

When it comes to using Pinterest, the word of the day is visual. In this visual medium, you have to use visuals to tell the story of your law firm’s brand. Who are you, why should people care, and what value do you bring? Traditionally, law firms operating on Pinterest don’t seem to understand this visual medium nor do they communicate very effectively on Pinterest. Don’t make the same attorney marketing mistakes on Pinterest. Instead, find out how to make your attorney marketing on Pinterest better. Consider the following Pinterest attorney marketing tips:

Use custom visuals of your law firm. Many law firms are fans of using stock photos. They save time and don’t really require them to get involved in their attorney marketing. Why would you settle for standing behind the same visuals as everyone else? Schedule a day when your law office can take an hour to take professional pictures of the property and your team. And schedule photos when your clients come in to pick up award checks. These personalized photos can make a huge difference in personalizing your law firm’s brand.
Link your attorney marketing blogs to your Pinterest. If you’re writing blogs as a part of your content marketing strategy, you should be highlighting these on your Pinterest as well. Install a Pin it button on your blog and share these blogs with potential consumers on your Pinterest. This will not only increase the odds that new consumers see your attorney marketing content, but it also communicates directly with Pinterest users who view your content.
Highlight any awards you’ve won. Has your law firm been recognized in some way? Take a picture of the awards, the awards show, the community members who recognized the law firm, everything. Use these visuals to show consumers active on Pinterest that your law firm is award winning, indicating that this is the law firm they need to accomplish their legal goals.
Create a light hearted board to personalize your law firm. Lawyers aren’t all work. Sometimes, they like to unwind. How do the attorneys at your law firm unwind? Repin popular images of things that you enjoy- sports, crafts, cooking, hobbies, you name it. This can help to draw people to your law firm’s Pinterest and increase the odds that your attorney marketing content will be viewed by new consumers.
Use visuals to communicate your practice area. Do you practice personal injury law, estate planning, bankruptcy law, or tax law? Use visuals to communicate your practice area to the consumers on Pinterest. Try ideas like a Tax Law board where your law firm shares pictures of tax accountants, IRS themed cartoons, and more. This visually communicates your law firm’s practice to consumers.

As you now know, Pinterest is a visual medium which offers law firms the ability to visually communicate their attorney marketing. Using these visuals, law firms can obtain new clients and interest consumers in their practice. But it’s not about stock photos and half trying. Law firms need to commit to the visual story and engage with custom visuals. If you’re looking for help getting started, contact eLaw Attorney Marketing today.