Fluffy Content: Real Information vs. Keyword Stuffing

Lately, we’ve noticed a trend in content writing. Instead of offering real, valuable
information, some companies are stuffing keywords into their content as a traffic-driving tactic. Though this is an easy trick to get your page ranked higher in search results, your firm should be aware that keyword stuffing could be your downfall in the long run.

Clients Search for Relevant Information

Take a moment to step into your potential client’s shoes. For example, let’s say that you have been taking Actos drugs for treatment of type-2 diabetes. Suddenly, you realize that you are experiencing painful issues that your doctor never talked about. So what do you do?

Easy—you search online. And you would probably type in the term “Actos side effects” or something of that nature.

If you were a patient searching for information on Actos, you are obviously looking for information that pertains to you. On how Actos can impact your body and on how your life may be affected. What you are not looking for is a company hoping to make a big buck off your pain and suffering. Yet, often, this is what they find because law firms are cramming the Internet full of keyword stuffed pages geared to drive traffic to their sites.

The practice of stuffing keywords has proven to be successful in the short term. But when clients are seeking informative content regarding their situations, there is nothing more credible than a real, informative site that seeks to feed clients, as opposed to simply baiting them.

Inform Readers and Get Clients

In our previous post on converting traffic to customers, we talked about the many factors that contribute to the length of time a visitor stays on your page. It can be argued that one of the most important things about a website is the content it has to offer.

If your website offers relevant information to readers, it makes you look more credible. You’re real, you exist, and you have valuable information. But if it is stuffed with keywords, it won’t take long for the average reader to see through your petty tricks and cheap tactics.