Facebook’s New Hashtags Can Expand Your Attorney Marketing

Facebook has been busy making some changes. According to the Wall Street Journal, their well placed sources indicate that Facebook is busy integrating hashtags into their infrastructure. According to sources at the Wall Street Journal, “It is unclear how far along Facebook’s work on the hashtag is and the feature isn’t being introduced imminently.” When this roll out occurs, your attorney marketing can benefit immensely from this feature.

What are hashtags you ask? Hashtags involve using the # symbol before a topic. Made popular on Twitter, social media users have expanded their use in other social media networks including Instagram, where they are extremely popular. Using the hashtag feature, users are able to tag their posts so they’re searchable by topic. For example, if your law firm wants users to find their attorney marketing in personal injury topics, your firm could tag #personalinjury or #injury to allow users to find your attorney marketing content.

If Facebook offers hashtag integration into their social media network, your attorney marketing can gain a boost. Let’s examine how this can help your law firm’s attorney marketing to gain more exposure.

How to Use #Hashtags to Improve Your Attorney Marketing Reach

Hashtags offer wider exposure to entire communities. On sites like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are widely searched to find users with similar interests, influential posters, and interesting content relating to those topics. Wouldn’t it be great if your attorney marketing gained more exposure on Facebook using this simple tool? Using the following suggestions, your law firm will be able to gain more exposure for your attorney marketing using hashtags:

Decide upon your keywords. When it comes to creating a hashtag, you will want to select keywords much like you do with your SEO. Are you a personal injury law firm looking to attract more motorcycle accident cases? Try selecting keywords such as #motorcycle #accident #crash and other popular keywords to expose your law firm to motorcycle riders and enthusiasts searching for that topic and people who are searching for information regarding accidents and crashes. These example keywords will likely be quite competitive, so you’ll want to do a keyword analysis to find less competitive keywords for your hashtag, similar to how you decide upon your SEO keywords.
Search existing hashtags you want to be associated with. Is there a popular legal conference you want people to know you’ve attended? Update your status to include that hashtag. Many conferences offer custom hashtags that attorneys may use to expose themselves to other members and attendees searching that conference. You can similarly search out hashtags for products you use to associate yourself with these topics as well.
Promote your hashtag in multiple marketing channels. Hashtags don’t go viral because you put it up on Facebook. Even if you enjoy 100k organic followers, your hashtag needs some promotion. Include your hashtags in other attorney marketing campaigns including your advertisements, your website, your blogs, you name it. When you merge multiple attorney marketing streams, you increase their effectiveness.
Keep your hashtag brief and memorable. Consumers are less likely to search for long keyword string hashtags. They’re more apt to search for brief topics. Keep your hashtags brief and increase the likelihood that your attorney marketing will be found.

Hashtags will be a welcome change to Facebook and can increase your attorney marketing’s effectiveness. If you’re in need of some guidance here, contact eLaw Attorney Marketing today.