Facebook Rolls Out New Feature Tests Favoring Engaging Content

Facebook Testing Features to Boost More Engaging Content

Facebook is testing new changes again this week.  It’s as if that site is under constant construction, all with the aim of perfecting the user experience.  To those of us who believe in valuable content, this is good news.

The latest change that Facebook is rolling out is ranked user content.  Essentially, Facebook is taking the content that users seem to find the most engaging, the ones with the most comments and insights and it’s bumping them to the top of your news feed. Additionally, Facebook is testing a function for page administrators to reply to specific comments and further boost engagement.  These changes are reminiscent of Reddit’s upvoting, which provides more exposure for users with dynamic content.

Boosting Engagement on Your Facebook Page

If you’ve been reading our blogs, chances are you’re getting to know that you need to mix multiple marketing techniques to find your audience and turn them into paying customers. We’re big proponents of mixing both outbound and inbound marketing tools to get your brand in front of as many people as possible. While your page may not be the hotbed of activity that many reporters, musicians and actors’ are on Facebook, there are multiple techniques you can use to boost fan engagement.

  • Share valuable content with your users- information, quips, anecdotes, stories, ideas, pictures, videos, all of it on brand and keeping within the boundaries of why your fans added you in the first place.
  • Share more visual content! Let’s face it, lots of people hate to read.  The majority of viewers would rather study an infographic with pictures instead of reading an entire article.
  • Ask for your fans’ opinions and how they relate to the content.  You should want to know if your fans’ experiences are similar to your own. Heck, it’s free marketing research to do so!
  • Introduce contests to engage your readers.  Do you have a few spare Starbucks gift cards hanging around? Maybe you’d like to offer them to your fans who refer you to the most amount of people or who answer some trivia question correctly, or many other engaging ideas.

The point is, you’ve got to reach out to people to get them to actively participate!  Once you’ve got the hang of things, your business may be able to take advantage of the rankings boosts that Facebook is rolling out this week.  Look for your favorite Facebook pages to start appearing higher in your news feed as Facebook tests out the new feature.