Facebook Removes Fake Likes – Are You at Risk?

Everyone loves a winner.  When you see the links your friends like on Facebook, don’t you take a peek? If that business has 50,000 likes, odds are, you may want to join in the admiration.  Well, you’re not alone.

Businesses thrive on establishing a customer base.  And to do so, many cheated the system to look more popular by buying fans.  An entire underground market exists on the web where you can buy fake fans, trade them, exchange them, and drive your business’ popularity up up up.

But the party’s over.  Facebook has gotten hip to the game and has begun to remove millions of these fake likes.  The web department that looked like a hero last year could be licking its wounds today when 20,000 fans drop off the page.  Is your business at risk?

Who Are the Big Losers in the Facebook Fan Scrub

There are a lot of businesses who have taken a hit, but it appears none have been hit as hard as online games and musicians.  Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Texas Holdem Poker: -198,344 Likes (0.30% decrease)
  2. CityVille: -72,631 Likes (0.29% decrease)
  3. Lady Gaga: -65,505 Likes (0.12% decrease)
  4. Rihanna: -49,861 Likes (0.08% decrease)
  5. Shakira: -48,359 Likes (0.09% decrease)
  6. AKON: -47,937 Likes (0.11% decrease)
  7. Justin Bieber: -45,274 Likes (0.10% decrease)
  8. Mafia Wars: -39,708 Likes (0.21% decrease)
  9. Michael Jackson: -35,271 Likes (0.21% decrease)
  10. Enrique Iglesias: -35,271 Likes (0.12% decrease)

If You’ve Lost Your Facebook Followers in the Scrub

If you’ve lost your followers as a result of the big scrub, don’t panic.  Were fake likes really contributing that much to your page? This presents an opportunity for businesses to work on attracting fans to your page. With a little hard work, you can build that community to  be stronger than it was before, increasing your ROI.

Here’s some helpful tips to attract more followers to your business’ page:

  • Place your social media icons on everything.  Tell the world where to find you.  This can include:
    • Your website
    • Blog
    • Business cards
    • Flyers, brochures
    • Email signatures
    • Business directories
  •  Announce social media deals/ promotions that are only available to fans. Give fans a reason to come find you.
  • Create an attractive landing page that encourages fans to hit like and find out more.
  • Personalize your Facebook.  Don’t use the default code.  Establish yourself as facebook.com/eLaw Attorney Marketing
  • Seek out friend referrals by posting dynamic content. The best way to gain new followers is to attract them by posting things they’ll want to view and share.
  • Optimize your page for mobile use