Don’t Undermine Good Attorney Marketing with Ill Conceived Email Spam

If there’s one thing consumers hate, it’s ill conceived email marketing. There’s email marketing and then there’s disingenuous slimy generic email marketing spam. In the rush to take advantage of personalized attorney marketing features, some attorneys have fallen prey to email marketing spam techniques. And as a result, they’ve succeeded in turning off potential customers.

Email marketing spam is not a good look for your attorney marketing. And according to the marketing research firm, Return Path, it is also responsible for 70% of consumer spam complaints made today. If your firm was working off of a list that you bought or worked hard to obtain, an ill conceived piece of email marketing could have just tanked your hopes for converting these leads into paying clients. Don’t undermine your attorney marketing with ill conceived email spam. Instead, support your attorney marketing with well crafted email marketing.

Create Well Thought Out Email Marketing

When it comes to creating quality email marketing, you can’t throw a rock in any direction without someone weighing in on what you need to do. And often, the so- called experts you encounter are wrong wrong wrong. Gone are the days when your law firm could send out a generic piece of email marketing in the hopes that you’ll obtain clients. Whereas in the beginning days of internet marketing this may have netted new customers, today’s consumer is much savvier. Today’s consumer is technologically capable and skilled at rejecting and tuning out disingenuous advertising and spam. Don’t get trapped in a junk email folder, reported for spam, or face the equally dreaded unsubscribe. Create quality email marketing that supports your attorney marketing efforts with these simple techniques:

Invest in a quality CRM system. CRM stands for customer relationship management system. And in order to retain your email recipient as a client, your law firm needs to be strategic about your attorney marketing. Your law firm should have detailed information about this lead in order to genuinely appeal to them as a potential client. Absent this information, the potential to turn off clients is extremely high. And the potential to get listed as a spammer is even higher. Don’t just cast your email marketing carelessly; take the time to collect detailed information to help you refine your email marketing with the client’s needs in mind. Once you’ve collected this information, take the time to segment your audience in order to meet your intended audience’s needs.
Create subject lines that reflect an understanding of your audience segmentation’s needs. This sounds hard, but it’s not. If your law firm practices divorce law, you don’t want to send out emails to single people with no need or desire for a divorce attorney. Once you know your customer, craft an email subject line that reflects an understanding of their needs and how to best reach solve them.
Send your email marketing from an email that allows replies. When your law firm sends out robot emails from Mr. Do Not Reply at your firm, potential clients are immediately induced to hit delete. Instead, personalize your efforts, increasing the odds that your email marketing will actually reach its intended audience. With a live email address, you also increase the odds that a potential client may email you back to discuss your marketing email more in depth.
Write genuinely. Let’s face it, there are some tactics which are simply a turn off to potential clients and communicating disingenuously is one of them. Keep your emails real, genuine, and personable. They don’t need to use the buzz words of the day to reach a potential client in a meaningful way. When you communicate to clients on a personal level, you increase the odds that your attorney marketing will achieve the desired goal.
Use an effective call to action. When consumers are done reading your email marketing, what are they supposed to do? You need to lead the potential client through the sales funnel in order to convert them into a paying client. Create calls to action which inspire consumers to contact your firm for more information, to call for a free consultation, or to sign up after reading the email. By including a call to action, your email marketing will tie into your attorney marketing and support your efforts.
Keep your email brief. Consumers have relatively low attention spans that vary from 1 second to 6 seconds on average, according to Pew Research Center. With this in mind, keep your email brief and keep it on point to avoid turning off potential clients.

Maximize Your Attorney Marketing

Successful email marketing is not necessarily an intuitive part of attorney marketing. Even when executed, it is often not executed at its fullest potential. Depending upon individual law firm needs and subject matter, there are numerous variables which could cause consumers to bristle at an ill conceived email. To maximize your attorney marketing, craft a plan before you sit down to write an email that could potentially turn off 70% or more of your intended recipients. If you’re looking for knowledgeable help and insight, call us at eLaw Attorney Marketing and we’ll craft the emails to get your law firm noticed.