Don’t Get Lost in the Noise

When it comes to attorney marketing, some companies seem to be everywhere. And others seem to struggle just to climb up the rankings. Do you want to know their secret? It’s not any one shiny new tool, but rather their approach to attorney marketing overall. If your attorney marketing isn’t done well, your law firm isn’t going to land in the pages of news publications, people won’t share your content online, and you’ll be playing the numbers game as far as SEO to fight for every single bit of traffic to your website. That’s exhausting. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing and trying to fight tooth and nail for your rankings, it’s time to get smarter and to embrace smart attorney marketing.

Smart Attorney Marketing

These days, everyone thinks that they’re good at marketing. And many attorneys believe themselves to be good at attorney marketing because they’ve watched a video online, or their friend told them how successful one tool was. Unfortunately, many of these attorneys lack a fundamental understanding behind the attorney marketing of what’s working and why. Have you noticed some firms are always in the news? They seem to be the go to law firms from which to seek quotes or to tap for interviews. Why? Because their overall attorney is smart. Let’s consider the following ways in which you can vamp up your attorney marketing:

Work on your elevator pitch. If you had to describe your firm in seconds on a busy elevator, what would you say? And how would you position your law firm? Crafting an elevator pitch forces your law firm to focus on the important elements of your marketing strategy- positioning and placement. If you can’t communicate your vision to consumers, you’ll get left behind when they move onto the next law firm.
Create something of value to your consumer. Does your attorney marketing consist of you basically saying you’re so great, so call you? What about that provides value to a consumer? Most attorney marketing goes overlooked because of this tired angle. While you think highly of yourselves and want to wax on about the benefits of your firm, you’ve provided zero information that a consumer, journalist, or interested peer could use as a decision maker. Try crafting unique that will gain press and attract consumer attention. Create a chart of accident rates in the state and their associated injuries, create a guide to bankruptcy using celebrity examples, create a visual chart to show a gold digger’s process of trying to work their way into a will or trust. The point is to do something different, unique, and creative. What’s the story you want others to know? Every personal injury firm can tell you that they obtain top results, but do you ever see personal injury firms publishing creative graphics that tell a story of where the top accidents occur in the state and what kinds of injuries are associated with them? This kind of information would get social shares, gain press, and establish the law firm as a thought leader in the industry. Consider creating smart and valuable content to boost your attorney marketing.
Develop relationships. Often overlooked in attorney marketing is the value of relationships. With relationships in the press, your law firm can get featured more. With relationships with bloggers, your firm can be cited more in posts about the law. Get the idea? But relationships aren’t only crucial to publicity. They’re also crucial to your referral business. How many attorneys will refer good cases out to perfect strangers? They might as well tell a client to look through the yellow pages or Martindale Hubble. Attorneys will however, refer cases out to attorneys and law firms with whom they have a preexisting relationship. Focus on developing and supporting these relationships.
Insert some authenticity into your attorney marketing. Anyone can churn out spammy content focused around generic injuries and accidents. But if the content fails to connect to your law firm and connect to its values and messaging, it just looks like spam. Unfortunately, many law firms think that this is the way to go when it comes to attorney marketing. It’s not. Authenticity is highly prized because of the value it brings to your attorney marketing.

If you want your law firm to stand out, you should be seeking to create smarter attorney marketing. Don’t just follow the rest of the pack; be a leader in your practice area. If you’re struggling and need a leg up on the competition, contact eLaw Attorney Marketing today and we’ll help you.