Do Directories Still Work as an Attorney Marketing Tool?

Once upon a time, attorneys aggressively pursued online marketing strategies that primarily consisted of submitting their site to online directories. That practice has somewhat fallen out of favor. In its place, content marketing has taken over. But that doesn’t mean that you should eschew submitting your site to directories. It just shouldn’t be your only tool in the bag.

Directories are no longer a primary strategy driving attorney marketing, but they do have their benefits. Anytime you can get your law firm’s name in front of clients is a good thing. And you never know where they’ll be searching for attorneys. But you could also benefit from the links these directories provide in terms of SEO. Your site needs referral links to climb the search engine rankings and one strategy to accumulate those links is by submitting your law firm’s website to these online directories. Many attorneys are not using their directory submissions effectively. If you’re looking for some advice, we have it.

How to Use Online Directories Effectively

Submitting your site to online directories seems like it should be rather straightforward. You click a link, type in your name, check a box, and voila, you’re done. Right? Not so fast. Often, there is much more to that. If you’re only checking the boxes and typing in your name over and over, you might not be using these directories effectively. Consider the following when submitting your law firm’s site to online directories:

Be strategic. How do you want to be listed? When choosing your listing, you need to consider what consumers might be searching for. How might they find a personal injury attorney or an elder care attorney? What categories might they search? You should also consider how you want search engines to find you, and what they will associate your business with. What are the keywords that you want associated with your law firm?
Be unique. Many law firms are similar. Would it surprise you to learn that there are likely many law firms associated with common last names? If you’ve noticed there are multiple listings for similar kinds of law firms, be different. Take your firm’s name such as Smith LLP and list it uniquely in directories such as Smith LLP Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys.
Write with keywords in mind. Often, directories ask for an about the law firm section. When you’re writing about your firm, consider how search engines might use this to further associate your firm with keywords and then rank you. Practice your SEO writing and compose something that will aid search engines and inform potential clients searching for you.
Choose a mix of directories that are both law firm specific as well as broad based internet directories. Many law firms choose to submit their websites to legal directories, but they leave out the basics such as Merchant Circle, Manta, Google Places, Yahoo, the Yellow Pages. These are all large directories which many consumers still consult. If you’re forgetting the basics in favor of obscure legal directories, then you’re forgetting the point, which is to put your law firm’s name in front of consumers.

Keep Your Eye on the Big Picture

When you use directories as an attorney marketing tool, the key is to keep your eye on the big picture. And the big picture goal is to put your law firm’s name in front of as many consumers as possible. Consumers won’t call you if they can’t find you. So maximize your exposure and be strategic about these listings to boost your attorney marketing efforts.