Creating Value Through Marketing

As attorneys, odds are you didn’t get into the business to “sell” people your services. But the reality is, in order to keep doing what it is you love about the law, you need to ensure people find you.  The best way you can do this is by marketing your services. The M word is often a dirty word among attorneys, but the reality is, marketing is the best way to create value in the minds of your clients.

Anyone familiar with “duct tape marketing” knows that value of a product is whatever a customer says it is. This fuzzy concept is so abstract it’s often hard for business owners to grasp. So how do you create value in a customer’s mind when you can’t entirely define it?

  • Position your services as the answer they’ve been seeking. Dialysis injury victims, accident victims, and dog bite victims typed these queries into search engines because they were searching for somone to provide the services they need.
  • Communicate the benefits of using your services. Many clients are unaware that they could recover much larger amounts in an accident with an attorney.  They may not know this benefit until you tell them!
  • Align yourself with critical partners. Personal injury attorneys often work with doctors and chiropractors for a reason. Estate planning attorneys often work with tax specialists. Align yourself with partners to offer your clients more comprehensive services.
  • Filter and aggregate information for your clients. Sure, your clients could likely create a will online but if they want the available information filtered and relevant to their needs, they’ll require an attorney.

Marketing is a crucial piece of your business. It’s an investment that you should be making to highlight your firm’s value in clients’ minds.  Afterall, this is why clients choose firms in the first place- because in their minds, that firm is more valuable than the rest.