ComScore Releases New Top 50 Websites

ComScore has released its new list of Top 50 web properties, and this month there’s some shakeups.  With the increasing popularity of visual media, Pinterest joins the group, and wtih the increase of children back in school, educational sites jumped higher in the rankings.

Why should you care about the website rankings? Because of the nearly 220 million internet users, these are the sites from which you may be able to draw traffic.  These are the sites where your users congregate. Do you maintain a presence online in these sites?

September’s Top Websites

Here are the top 10 for September:

  1. Google sites- 187 mil
  2. Microsoft sites- 167 mil
  3. Yahoo sites- 164 mil
  4. Facebook- 150 mil
  5. AOL- 111 mil
  6. Amazon sites- 106 mil
  7. Wikimedia- 88 mil
  8. Glam Media- 85 mil
  9. CBS- 83 mil
  10. Apple Inc- 80 mil

Interact with Your Customers on these Top Sites

One of the most important aspects of marketing, whether you are using inbound marketing or outbound marketing tools, is to know your audience and where they hang out.

Who is your client?

What do they like?

Where do they hang out, read, interact?

Why are these users in this space?

Knowing this information, you can make smart decisions regarding where to advertise your goods and services and how best to reach your desired clients. Check out the list and see which sites you’ve got on your radar, and which ones you should add to the list.