Can Attorneys Use Visual Marketing Sites Like Pinterest?

According to internet traffic research firm Shareaholic, Pinterest has become the 4th largest referrer of traffic to websites. As a picture cultivation site, Pinterest encourages consumers to share photos of items they enjoy. But can it convert these enthusiastic photo curators into ecommerce shoppers? And could this model also be used for attorney marketing?

To many attorneys, the jury is still out on social media. In fact, as a method of attorney marketing, many attorneys just can’t wrap their head around it. But as a site devoted solely to visuals, should Pinterest become a part of your law firm’s social media strategy? Visual marketing is an extremely effective tool for attorney marketing, including using social media. As a strategy, you can’t afford to count this tool out. Pinterest draws millions of visitors, any number of which could stumble across your website. If you’re willing to take the step, you should have a strategy to drive this traffic to your website, as we’ve outlined below.

How to Use Visual Marketing on Pinterest to Increase Website Traffic and Gain Leads

People are visual creatures. So why would you focus your attorney marketing on solely presenting dry dissertations on legal issues? It’s time you got visual. Sites like Pinterest are among the top visited sites on the internet. And their recent inclusion among the top 5 referrers of traffic to your website means you should maintain a presence on this site. But in order to effectively drive traffic to your website, you should keep the following in mind:

Don’t get sucked into spending hours on Pinterest. Pinterest is full of flashy fun pictures. And it can get addicting quick. As an attorney marketer, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re there to add content, connect to users, and leave. If you’re spending hours on Pinterest every day or every week, you’re not using the site effectively. In fact, you’re likely wasting your law firm’s time.
Keep your pictures on brand and on message. The fun for consumers is stumbling across inspiring, creative, or thought provoking pictures. As an attorney marketer, it’s important to keep these in mind and to present pictures that fulfill these criteria while still being on brand and on message. Consider sharing inspiring pictures of your attorneys helping community members, pictures of your law firm staff wishing others happy holidays, pictures of clients next to a testimonial, pictures of your attorneys receiving awards or speaking publicly, etc… There are many ideas that you could share with the users of Pinterest that may intrigue them or cause them to visit your law firm’s website.
Keep your pins uncluttered. It does not behoove your law firm nor does it support your attorney marketing if you’re pinning to endless pictures of arts, crafts, clothing, etc… It does support your attorney marketing to sporadically pin to items which reinforce the idea of an attorney relationship with courts, hospitals, and community organizations.
• Tag your pictures with your law firm’s location. You want to ensure potential clients can find your law firm online. Tag your pictures with your website to ensure you lead potential clients directly to your firm.
Merge your social media campaigns. Your attorney marketing does not exist in a vacuum. When you pin your pictures, tag your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts to ensure Pinterest users can find you on other networks. This can help to grow your community and drive traffic back to your website.

Pinterest is an effective traffic referrer and your law firm can use this to its advantage. Develop an active presence in social media networks with this visual marketing tool and support your efforts by merging your inbound marketing efforts. When you think outside the attorney marketing box, you can establish yourself as an industry leader and edge out your competition.