Can Attorneys Benefit from Native Ads?

Law firms are always seeking leads. And to attract a strong mixture of leads, attorney marketing should be focusing on a mixture of both inbound and outbound marketing techniques. This includes advertising, the main component to outbound marketing. But attorney marketing is starting to change. As more and more internet users are utilizing pop up blockers, ad blockers, and other such advertising type of inhibitors, advertising has evolved. The newest internet marketing trend is native advertising. No, this doesn’t involve putting pictures of native Americans or tribal cultures in your advertising. It’s an evolved form of advertising that has the potential to expand your advertising reach. Can this powerful tool also be beneficial to attorney marketing?

What are Native Ads

Native advertising is sponsored content which appears to blend seamlessly into a website’s content. When you’re searching a site like Mashable, you may not even notice that a post you’ve clicked on is really an advertisement, and not an article written by one of their staff writers. Native advertising offers credibility to advertisers in this form. The key to this form of advertising is to structure it to move beyond mere advertising pitches and to instead offer a deeper look at your services. Attorney marketers for instance, could be discussing a legal issue in depth as it relates to the website’s theme and subject matter.

Native advertisements sound great, but they’re a lot of work. Your attorney marketing guru will have a lot of work ahead of them to make this advertisement appear as an organic story on this website. This includes writing high quality featured content, creating high quality links and graphics that appear to be in line with what the website normally offers its internet viewers.

The Benefit of Native Ads to Attorney Marketing

Attorney marketing is a niche component of marketing because attorneys are bound by specific ethical and business codes. That being said, it is also not an easy product to sell consumers. Attorney marketing won’t sell a consumer who isn’t looking for attorneys. It’s not a commodity that encourages impulse buys. Instead, attorney marketing seeks to attract the attention of consumers who are looking for legal services. Despite the challenges, native ads can provide the following benefits to attorney marketing:

• Native advertisements represent an opportunity to lend credibility to attorney marketing. It offers attorney marketers the ability to produce high quality advertisements that appear to be endorsements from the website itself. Endorsements are highly prized in marketing because consumers view these as much more legitimate and credible than obvious advertisements. As Google reports, only 25% of consumers click on pay per click advertisements because these users have largely trained themselves to ignore advertisements. Native ads in comparison do not carry this stigma.
• Additionally, native ads aren’t yet blocked by ad blockers. Because they appear to be legitimate articles featured on websites, ad blockers don’t yet know how to block them. Attorney marketing can benefit from this exposure when competitors are still pursuing pay per click advertising that is blocked.
• Attorney marketing can link to native ads on their website and social media to increase the exposure of this advertising. Imagine if your native ads got a high amount of social media shares. This would propel your native advertising to higher ranks in search engine results, providing an organic boost to your advertising.

Advertising is an ever shifting component of outbound marketing. Attorney marketers have an opportunity to capitalize on these new shifting trends and to be leaders in the industry. Pay per click advertising will soon join other outdated advertising methods and will be replaced with fresh approaches such as native ads. It behooves your law firm to jump on this form of advertising to stay ahead of the pack.