Building Your Audience Online With Social Media

One of the challenges as a business owner is finding your customers and driving traffic to your website.  You’ve put your website up and now what? Where are your customers? One of the most beneficial tools to business owners is social media.  These are powerful online communities of millions of users with the potential to grow your business and make your mark in the community.

Social media is all about the interaction.  You’ve gotten some fans and followers; now what? People aren’t going to come back and visit your page or your website if you’ve got nothing to offer them.  People like to follow businesses to find out the latest deals online, new product releases, what’s new, etc… Business owners are constantly challenged with providing a steady stream of content to reach these followers.  You want to provide a space where people hang out and have discussions that are relevant and on- brand. You want them to feel connected to your business.

New content is the key to providing an engaging social media space.  My favorite wine shop likes to post pictures from their wine tasting events, pictures of appetizers that will pair nicely with favorite wines, jokes about drinking, you name it.  They’ve created a fun spot where customers like to hang out and click around.  And while they’re there, they often wander to the online store and check out this week’s deals.  Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your social media interactions.  It really isn’t as confusing or scary as people think it is.

Encourage your fans/ followers to interact!  The more people post, hit like, and discuss your business, the more exposure you gain.  On Facebook, when people hit like on posts and pictures, this shows in their friends’ news stream, which increases your exposure.  The more people share, the more potential exposure your business gains!

Have a little fun with your content.  Interesting, fresh, and new content is always welcome.  People don’t want 100 links to blogs in their news feed every day.  They want pictures, articles, graphs, coupons, variety! Mix it up so your fans don’t get bored with your content. The more interesting your content is, the more you can potentially reach new customers and build an even stronger audience.