Boost Your Attorney Marketing with Visual Marketing

Human beings are visual creatures. Understandably so, when faced with large blocks of written content, our eyes instinctively go to the visual media on the page. According to web research group Zabisco, 90% of our information is transmitted visually and 40% of website visitors respond better with visual stimulus. If your law firm isn’t using visual content in your attorney marketing, you’re missing out on huge opportunities.

Consumers are faced with an almost endless supply of content these days. To filter through the myriad of information, smart brands have integrated more visual content. This comes in the form of videos and pictures. By adding visual media to your web pages, social media, blogs, and other content, attorney marketers are able to see better engagement and larger gains in traffic. Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab found that 46.1% of consumers say a website’s design and visual content is the number one criteria for assessing the credibility of a company. How do you want your law firm to be assessed?

How to Integrate Visual Marketing into Your Content

Visual marketing sounds like a daunting term, but it can be quite simple to use. The beauty of this idea is that you are working in a medium that you understand and respond to as a consumer. Think of your intended audience and try to put yourself in their shoes. What do you think they’d like to see? Try these visual marketing integration ideas to boost your attorney marketing today:

• Add a team picture to your newsletter or blog page. Consumers want to know who’s behind the curtain. Consider the case of the phone app developer, Takipi, who included a team picture in their weekly newsletter. There was nothing else remarkable about the newsletter but this picture of the team who worked on the application netted 3 times more traffic than any other content they’d pushed out previously. Add a photo of the team at your law firm to your content to similarly encourage more traffic.

• Add unique visuals to your website. Your website brands you and your services. So why would you want to use stock photography to look just like every other law firm? Add unique photos to your website to brand your law firm differently. Try pictures which communicate your brand and your services like your attorneys talking to clients, pictures of your attorneys interacting in the community, you name it. Decide how you want potential clients to view you and take pictures to communicate those characteristics to clients.

• Use visual analogies in your blogs. Is your site writing about the pain of a car crash? Instead of using stock photos of a car accident, try using a drawing of a patient who has been injured, or an accident scene reconstructed. Draw your potential audience in with visual analogies to connect your message in a more personal way.

• Introduce compelling visuals to your social media campaign. Web research firm Simply Measured estimates social media visuals increase brand engagement by as much as 66%. Are you only linking to your blogs or are you also uploading funny pictures, video testimonials, team pictures, and other compelling content? If you aren’t, you could be missing out on boosts in traffic and increased client interactions.

Rise Above the Pack

Attorneys aren’t usually known for their dynamic attorney marketing. But your law firm could rise above the pack with these simple adjustments to your visual marketing. Do you want to be like everybody else and get lost in the noise? Or do you want potential clients to view your site and say wow? Choose how you want to be seen and support that image with visual marketing.