Avoiding Marketing Fails

To many attorneys, marketing is not intuitive. Often that leads to mistakes that can cost you leads. While many sites are devoted to cultivating these often humorous marketing fails, sometimes your mistake isn’t very funny. Sometimes, attorney marketing fails are just costly errors based on an inattention to detail or a fundamental misunderstanding of marketing. Don’t get caught with your pants down. Instead, strive to do better. Take a look through our common marketing fails and suggestions for how to overcome these common marketing fails.

Are You Undermining Your Marketing with these Mistakes

If you’re new to attorney marketing, your eagerness may lead you astray. Often, attorney marketers come up with an idea or strategy that they think is genius and later discover was a costly mistake. Before you waste precious marketing dollars, read through the common mistakes to avoid:

You forgot a call to action. You published a wonderful blog which is supposed to reach clients. But you forgot to include a call to action. When clients are done skimming your blog, do they know what to do next? If they don’t know where to contact you, or where to click to follow up, they may go elsewhere and you will have wasted your efforts. If you’re guilty of this one, it can be an easy fix if you’ve got the time to go in and edit your work.
Forgetting to add your contact information to press releases. This is a frequent attorney marketing mistake. Sometimes, in their zeal to get a press release out and publicize a great case, attorneys forget to add contact information. When your press release is already out there and thousands of people have already seen it, you’ve missed an opportunity to let consumers know where to find you again. And you’ve just wasted the price of the press release and precious impressions. You can email the press release distribution service in a panic to edit the release, but you’ve already lost countless leads that didn’t see your contact information. That flushing sound you’re hearing is your marketing dollars at work.
Not personalizing your email marketing. In 2013, marketing has gotten more personal. Attorneys who personalize their email marketing are able to attract more leads and convert more of those leads to paying clients. Gone are the days when blasting out generic faceless spam emails work. Instead, today’s email marketing is more personalized and more nuanced to attract clients. If you’re not personalizing, there’s a number of contact management software options available to handle this for your law firm.
You didn’t collect any information about the leads trying to obtain your free downloads. If your law firm created a wonderfully informative eBook for download, why would you waste those efforts by not requiring some simple information first? The point is to collect information about the lead that is hoping for more information on the subject. If an internet visitor is seeking information regarding transvaginal mesh, they’re likely hurt and scared. If you’re a product liability attorney, this is your target client. Create a contact form to collect basics about your lead before they can download your free eBook.
Misunderstanding your target audience. Marketers in various industries are frequently guilty of this marketing fail. If you base your marketing approach to what you think may be the case instead of what you know your target audience likes, needs, responds to, then you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Consider the case of a website developer who thought they could introduce websites at high prices via a cart at the mall. Instead of researching whether there was a need for pricy websites on a cart, this company put it in, assuming local businesses would see the cart on their lunch break and respond. They failed spectacularly. Instead of assuming what people want, take the time to find out what they want.

Don’t Make Expensive Mistakes

If your law firm is trying its hand at attorney marketing, there will likely be a period of trial and error. You can lessen this pain by doing your homework first. Or you can fail spectacularly and waste marketing dollars that might’ve been better utilized in other areas of business development. Don’t flush your money away. Educate yourself about attorney marketing and seek the help of professionals if you’re in doubt.