Attorney Marketing Myths that Could Be Jeopardizing Your Attorney Marketing

When it comes to attorney marketing, many law firms are traditionalists. In today’s internet age, you’ll still find a great deal of attorneys who don’t have websites, who don’t believe in the power of the internet, and who have zero desire to find out what it can do for them. While that represents the extreme end of attorney marketing, there are plenty of law firms who believe in a series of attorney marketing myths that could be potentially holding their firm back.

Attorney marketing is not intuitive and can be difficult. Your law firm isn’t marketing an impulse buy item directly to consumers and you must adjust your attorney marketing to play within certain very specific guidelines and ethical rules. But this does not mean you’re limited to pursuing old attorney marketing techniques. Let’s examine the attorney marketing myths that could be holding you back.

Learn the Attorney Marketing Myths

Attorneys have a reputation for being somewhat naïve when it comes to attorney marketing. And sure, you didn’t get into the business to pursue business development and attorney marketing. But the reality today is that unless you adjust your law firm operations to include attorney marketing, you won’t have many clients for very long. But where do you start and how do you proceed? Whether you’re an old hand at attorney marketing or brand new, we can all benefit from an understanding of attorney marketing myths:

To capture consumers’ attention, you need splashy gimmicks. There is no shortage of extremely bad attorney marketing out there. Much of the reason is that attorney marketing often uses trite and hackneyed gimmicks to try and attract consumer attention. But the reality is that despite gaining consumers’ attention, you may not keep it for very long. Attorney marketing doesn’t need to make you into a joke to gain clients. Keep it simple and offer realistic and genuine attorney marketing messaging to obtain clients instead of stupid gimmicks that will make people laugh at your law firm.
Social media is stupid. Internet research data shows that the top 5 referrers of traffic include 3 different social media networks. If you’re not present in these social media networks, you may be missing out on consumers searching for an attorney to help them. Attorneys who take their attorney marketing seriously have an active social media presence because millions of consumers use social media. Social media is quickly becoming a tool that helps consumers make decisions about the services and businesses they use as much as it is a space to hang out. If your law firm isn’t present in these spaces, you could be missing out.
Attorneys don’t blog. Blogging is a wonderful and important piece of content marketing, a strategy that helps attorney marketers to put law firms’ brands before the public in a unique and personal way. If you’re not blogging, you could be missing out on reaching consumers in a personal and nonthreatening way. And you could be wasting your opportunity to brand both yourself and your law firm. Attorneys who blog can build a huge following of potential clients who come to trust their opinion and their judgment. All this for free? If you’re not blogging, you could be wasting an opportunity to speak directly to your potential clients.
Pay per click advertising will bring mountains of clients. According to Google, internet users click on pay per click advertising 25% of the time at MOST. Everyone else clicks on organic search results. If your only attorney marketing strategy is pay per click advertising, then you could be missing out on reaching consumers in a manner they trust and believe. The key is to merge your attorney marketing streams because pay per click advertising alone won’t bring you clients through the door.
SEO does it all. Again, whether you’re a fan of SEO or not, SEO alone can’t bring the clients in through the door. You can boost your law firm’s website to the top of the rankings, but if you don’t have content that users find valuable, they won’t click through your website and pick up the phone to secure your services. SEO is a valuable component of any attorney marketing strategy, but if it’s your only strategy your attorney marketing dollars will have been wasted.

When it comes to attorney marketing, there are a lot of myths out there which can damage your overall attorney marketing strategy. The key to attracting more quality leads and conversions to clients is not to segment your attorney marketing in very narrow ways. Your law firm should be pursuing a healthy strategy which includes multiple marketing techniques in order to reach potential clients in a variety of mediums.