Attorney Marketers Who Integrate their SEO into Content Marketing Gain Better Leads

Law firms are notoriously behind in their marketing strategies, so it’s no wonder the quality of their leads suffers.  Today’s marketing rules have changed.  If you’re still pursuing old SEO heavy tactics of exact domain matches and keyword stuffing, you apparently didn’t get the memo.  Search engines have begun to penalize websites that pursue these strategies, boosting more relevant (and arguably, more interesting) content to appeal to internet searchers.  Essentially, search engines have adjusted their algorithms to appeal to real humans.

Websites today enjoy traffic from more diverse sources than ever before.  The rise of social media has eclipsed search engine traffic alone and continues to dominate this space.  Don’t believe me?  Consider the newest data from Shareaholic, which focuses on analyzing traffic and internet users’ behavior.  Today’s traffic looks remarkably different than it did just 6 months ago, and night and day different from a year or longer ago.  The new traffic dominators are:

  • Facebook 26.4%
  • Facebook mobile 4.3%
  • Google 3.62%
  • Pinterest 3.6%
  • YouTube 1.05%
  • Google+ .22%

Attorney Marketing Has Changed

Attorney marketing is evolving.  As technology and user behaviors change, so too do the ways in which attorney marketers are able to reach their desired clients.  If your law firm isn’t nimble enough to adjust your marketing strategies, you could be giving up quality leads to your competitors.  Increase the quality of your leads by changing your marketing strategies.

  • Start defining your law firm as an authority in the industry.  Syndicated content works better than ever these days and offers a great opportunity for attorney marketers to target new consumers and gain the all important organic links.  When your attorneys write articles, they can publish them on a variety of different sites to gain recognition, links, and traffic from new sources.  This is wildly popular in a variety of industries and responsible for huge spikes in traffic.
  • Create content that will make users want to share.  The top traffic sources for websites these days is social media.  If you’re not creating content that appeals to users, you could be missing out on an opportunity to reach diverse networks of users.  Consider the kinds of content that gets you noticed- group pictures with calls to action, videos highlighting your services, you name it.  Create something that gets people’s attention.
  • Use your content to support your brand, not fracture your brand.  Let’s face it, having a strong brand is vital to the success of your business.  If you fracture your brand, you’ll be doing yourself a severe disservice.  Focus on creating content that supports this brand, instead of content which damages this brand.
  • Integrate your SEO tactics into your content strategies.  Give your content a chance to be found by inserting relevant and valuable keywords into your content.  But do not go overboard and stuff your content with it or you could find yourself penalized for the effort.

The rules keep changing.  Since the creation of the internet in 1991, the internet has evolved to become more useful to people.  Shouldn’t your law firm also evolve?  Change your attorney marketing strategy to reach people more organically and you’ll be able to enjoy better quality leads and better results than the spammy techniques of the past.