Are You Making the Most of Your Social Media Networks?

Social media is one of the most misunderstood areas of marketing. And when it comes to attorney marketing, it is widely ignored and dismissed. But if you want to encourage leads, you shouldn’t dismiss the power of social media. In fact, you should be embracing social media as a free and worthwhile tool to reach out to consumers directly. Your attorney marketing could receive a large boost building communities in these networks that no other tool can adequately provide. Social media allows you to directly communicate your brand, your worth, and your value to consumers. It allows you to humanize your brand and to establish a loyal community around that brand. Can you afford to ignore potential leads?

Encourage Leads by Creating a Social Media Community

Building a community on your social media networks takes time. And it takes skill. But you don’t have to spend hours doing this. For 10 minutes a day, you too can engage your fans and followers and create your own social media community. Imagine being able to support your attorney marketing efforts and being able to reach out to consumers directly to have a conversation about the brand. This can be a powerful experience. Let’s examine the ways in which you can encourage leads using social media as a facet of your attorney marketing:

• Tell your law firm’s story. You could be using your social media much more effectively. Instead of posting things about accidents on the freeway, consider discussing the legal issues that are important to you. Why’d you get into this industry? What does your firm specialize in? How have you sought to help clients with these issues? Consumers would be highly interested in reading these types of posts over “car crash on freeway kills 5”.
• Project personality into your law firm’s brand. To many consumers, all law firms may as well be the same. What sets one apart from the rest? Personality. Personality can encourage consumers to sign up with your firm over another, it can lead consumers to view you as more knowledgeable, more skillful, and more understanding of their particular needs. Brands that inject personality into their posts often are able to attract more customers and encourage brand loyalty.
• Interact with your fans and followers. It’s not enough to just post a link to a blog. Your law firm should be trying to reach out to the community you’ve created, asking questions of your fans and followers, encouraging shares, encouraging engagement. Law firm communities may not appear to be hotbeds of activity, but these efforts can pay off big when someone calls your law firm because they liked your approach.

To many attorneys, social media isn’t intuitive. And to some, it doesn’t quite compute. But this popular marketing tool is responsible for an estimated 40% of traffic to brands’ websites. Can your law firm easily dismiss 40% of their potential traffic? Give this free marketing tool a try and see how many leads you can encourage!