Alternatives to Legal Directories Benefit Your Business

Before social media came into existence, the best marketing practice for many law firms was submission to legal directories. But as technology and Internet-interaction develops, legal directories may no longer be the most efficient marketing method for your firm.

Benefits of Using Legal Directories

Before we persuade you to branch out to other marketing options, let’s take a look at certain benefits that directories have to offer. One of the best advantages of using a directory is that most offer their basic services for free. It’s as easy as submitting your firm’s resume. Your name, website, and sometimes firm information will be posted on the directory’s site.

Cons of Using Legal Directories

We all know that legal directories and submissions to be on these sites can cost a small fortune. Unless you choose the most basic listing, you could be looking at a small fee for every submission. If you desire a listing that stands out from the rest, you might have to dig a hole in your wallet. Directories might not list your firm appropriately if your practice is in a small niche. Or if you are part of a larger practice area, directory administrators might push you to the bottom of the barrel.

In addition to the costs, take a moment to consider what audience these directories actually reach. Sure, when potential clients are searching on engines, they may be lead to these directories and by chance, come across your name. But generally, the visitors for these sites are competing law firms who are checking their listing status and ranking on the site. While it is important to know your competitors, the point of legal marketing is to reach a broad audience and gain leads and clients.

Directories’ benefits don’t outweigh the costs. Some of these directories can go for up to $200 a year! When you consider that there are other marketing options that are more efficiently and less costly, directories might not be a great way for your firm to develop its presence.

Alternative and More Efficient Options

Legal directories aren’t the only way your practice can build a presence online. There are other tools available to you that are much more efficient, and still allow you to hang on to your cash. Options like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and Avvo are all free. Actually, when your firm is active on social media, you will seem more professional and credible. Many potential clients will browse these sites, and see that you are a real business that can help them should they require need for someone in your field.

We’re not suggesting that you quit cold-turkey on legal directories. We’re only recommending that you should consider other alternatives that are more advantageous to your business. Legal directories are still a vital part of law firms’ legal marketing strategies, but there are many other methods that you will find beneficial.