70% of Small Businesses Embrace Limited Social Media Channels

Merchant Circle released new data from a small study of almost 3400 small business owners.  In this September 2012 study, Merchant Circle wanted to measure how many small businesses actively embraced social media as a marketing channel.

In their results, Merchant Circle found that nearly 70% of small businesses were active on Facebook.  However, the results dwindled from there.  While Google+ attracts a significantly lower percentage of users than its more established competitor, an impressive 49.2% of small businesses were active on the network.  However, small businesses appeared to have limited engagement with multiple social media channels.

What this Limited Engagement Means to Businesses

Perhaps because social media is still new and mystifying to many, social media adoption on a widespread scale has been slow.  Businesses with brick and mortar locations are often hesitant to engage in this inbound marketing tool. Many business owners feel that because they have a physical location, they can rely upon foot traffic, or the traffic that an outbound marketing advertisement will provide.  By narrowing your marketing efforts to this one channel, your business could be missing out on thousands of new customers.

As we’ve advocated time and again, the best way to get your customers through the door is to mix both inbound marketing techniques with outbound marketing techniques.  Why wouldn’t you want to advertise in the places where your customers hang out?  Customers are not only walking around in the world, but they’re also online.  Google attracts 1 billion unique visitors per month, and Facebook has a reach of over 1 billion users now.  However, many other sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, etc… all draw huge segments of the population.

Increase Your Exposure on Social Media and Gain Free Advertising

Social media is free advertising.  Think of it as mini advertisements that pop up and alert your fans, followers, and community members of your services.  This doesn’t mean you should overload your newsfeed with click here to buy types of taglines.  But it does mean that when you share content- pictures, status updates, and musings, they should be on brand to remind your customers of your business.  Try this tool and see how much traffic you can drive to your website today!