6 Ways to Reach More Fans on Facebook

We can all agree that Facebook is a great tool to reach your fans and potential clients.
But if you’re posting this content and none of it actually reaches your followers, you could be wasting your efforts. It’s not really about the quantity of posts, or even the amount of followers you have. If you have a thousand followers, and your posts aren’t interesting, you might as well be shouting at the moon. The trick is to engage your fans and be more interactive. Here are some helpful tips to improve your Facebook campaign.

  • Post photos: Most people are visual learners. Photos will capture their attention more than chunks of text. If you anticipate a high word count-post, remember to include something visual that will create stimulating relief from the large amount of text
  • Post videos: Like photos, videos are effective in getting followers’ attention. Consumers tend to gravitate toward easy-to-digest information, and videos are the best ways to achieve this. We’ve also provided more tips on how to increase views on your videos
  • Post at the right time of day: Studies show that visitors tend to surf social media later in the day, around 8:00 PM, when people have had time to get home from work, eat dinner, and relax. Other studies have shown that posting between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM is effective. It all depends on your Insights, so remember to analyze those and find out when is the best time to post for your page
  • Engage fans: Ask for interaction, but keep things simple. Make it as easy as possible for your fans to interact with you. Example: “Like if you agree!” or “Don’t forget to share!” Your fans and followers are probably checking their Facebook while they’re multitasking—waiting in line, watching T.V., studying, etc. Facebook is an escape for them, so make interaction as easy as possible
  • Post outside business hours: During the weekends, there will be less traffic on social networks. Posting during off hours is a great opportunity to reach your fans without having to sift through tons of content usually published by other companies
  • Don’t go offtopic: Keep your posts relevant. Your fans liked your page for a reason, so maintain relevant posts in order to keep them fans. Don’t annoy anyone by posting about football when your business is a law firm—unless you’re a personal injury attorney talking about football accidents. In that case, by all means.

By following those tips, you should be able to reach a wider audience on Facebook. There are many more ways to engage followers on your fan page. What are your favorite tips on how to be more interactive on social media?