5 Ways Twitter’s Tools Could Benefit Your Business

In today’s fast paced wired world, social media seems to change at the speed of light. Not a week goes by that you don’t hear about new updates from Twitter.  The bird is changing its tune—and you won’t want to miss the notes.

  1. Cover photos – Though touted as channeling Facebook, the new cover photo tool can do wonders for your business. Twitter’s cover photos allow you to project your brand’s image to the world. Through the feature, you can communicate news, promotions, and products to your followers.
  2. Interest-based Advertisements – This cool new feature allows you to target a specific demographic, so you waste less money on talking to people who aren’t interested, and invest wisely in those who are.
  3. Sponsored exposure to your key demographics- This feature allows your brand exposure to the followers of associated goods and services.  Your business could benefit on the cross exposure to audiences already seeking complimentary goods and services.
  4. #Hashtags- #Hashtags can promote your business by associating your brand with a clever promotional phrase or idea. #websharkbitesback  Encourage your followers to create and share #hashtags that communicate your brand.
  5. Twitter boosts engagement- People love to share content and they’re doing it at a rapid pace.  The rise of Twitter has encouraged millions more people to log on and microblog. Share your stories, pictures, and content with your followers and encourage them to share back.

The breakup between Twitter and LinkedIn hasn’t left the social media giant in tears. Instead, it looks like Facebook and Twitter are going steady.  Twitter reports 1000% increase in traffic due to the new relationship.
It’s now easier than ever before to get your business in front of an audience.  Finding new customers never seemed so easy. Get to Tweetin’.