5 Ways to Convert Your Inbound Leads to Paying Clients

Law firms and legal service providers cannot exist without clients.  The reality of business is that someone has to pay the bills so you can do what you do best- argue the minutiae of law.  By now, you may be trying your hand at various inbound and outbound marketing techniques to drive traffic to your website and encourage clients to walk through your door.  But now that potential clients know who you are and what services you offer, how do you turn them into paying clients?  How do you encourage a lead to sign on the dotted line?

1. Design a process that encourages a lead to become a client.  Clients often contact many attorneys, so make it easy for the client to sign with your firm.  Provide easy steps which build comfort with the firm and encourages them to sign on the dotted line. Follow up can increase your lead conversion by as much as 87%!

2. Provide value to your clients.  I can’t say it enough; spammy generic content will not encourage trust in your firm.  Nor will this encourage your leads to progress further.  Provide valuable information and content on your site, encourage leads to trust you based on your communicated value.  When leads call the firm, they want to know that someone understands and is familiar with their legal matter.  Be the expert your leads need and the friendly advocate they desire.

3. Follow up with your leads.  If someone didn’t sign up in your initial contact, follow up with them to see how you could continue to provide excellent service.  A shocking 50% of leads are often never contacted a second time after their initial call.  Give your leads a call and let them know you’re still interested in providing them with excellent service.

4. Express genuine concern for their matter.  Your client acquisition team should be able to genuinely connect with potential new clients.  Let them know that their concerns are your concerns.  Don’t just fake it; your potential clients will be able to tell that you’re being insincere.

5. Understand what it is your potential clients need.  What makes someone sign up with one law firm over another? What are their purchase drivers? Can you determine why clients choose your firm over another?  Knowing this can inform your content, your approach over the phone, and your follow up efforts.  Know how to reach your customers in a personal way.