5 Types of Content Your Law Firm Should Be Creating

At eLaw Attorney Marketing we’re big believers in the power of content marketing.  In fact, the web runs on content.  Social networks, the blogosphere, outlets that entertain you all require massive amounts of content in order to survive.  This isn’t unique to entertainment sites, though.  Internet visitors log on for a reason- to be entertained, informed, and to find something they’re looking for.  Websites that don’t offer content to its visitors don’t experience many return visitors.  To keep you ahead of the game, we’ve compiled some great ideas for content that will encourage visitors to hang out, find out more about your services, and to come back and check for updates.

5 Effective Forms of Content Marketing for Legal Professionals

  1. Videos.  People are visual creatures and they love to be able to hit a button and watch a real live person give a testimony, introduce legal services, or speak about an issue they need help with.  The rise of many visual networks and services has made this an even more important tool than previously believed.
  2. Free E books, guides, or white papers.  People scour the web for the information they need.  And if you want to remain competitive, one of the best ways to distinguish your expertise is to give these people the answers they need.  By providing a free E book, white paper, or guide, you can establish your firm as an authority on the particular legal subject.  By requiring some basic information to obtain this booklet, you can also obtain new leads that may even convert into a paying client.  Try offering a comprehensive guide to an area in which you specialize and see how many new customers you can attract to your page.
  3. Articles.  There are many large networks which publish articles of a legal nature.  These can include legal blogging networks, legal publications with opinion articles, and various issue based article networks.  These are great resources your firm should be utilizing to publicize the firm and your attorneys.  These networks often draw thousands to millions of unique visitors, so you could enjoy quite the bump in traffic as a result of publishing an article here.
  4. Blogs.  I see a lot of law firms try to write blogs, but many fall flat.  The point of writing a blog is to inform a potential client and to establish your firm’s expertise in this area.  You don’t want to just regurgitate that an accident happened on the turnpike or that wills are important.  Why? What does your firm do to help? How can consumers protect themselves? What can a skilled attorney offer clients? When you insert these into your writing, you provide value to the client.  And ultimately, a client will return to your site to read more because of the value you offer.
  5. Interviews.  Public relations is not an area that many law firms understand, but the more exposure you can gain as an expert in your field, the more you raise your profile and increase the likelihood that people will seek out your services.  Start small by posting interviews to your website, then branch out to networks that seek out interviews with legal professionals.  This effective content marketing tool can net many new unique visitors for your law firm.

Keep At It!

Content marketing can work but it doesn’t always happen overnight.  Unless you’ve found yourself handling the case of the decade, you’ll need to dedicate some time and attention to these content marketing efforts to see the best results.  Think about how you can best present your value and start reaching out to your potential customers to provide that value.  Good luck!