5 Steps to Take after You Get a Bad Yelp Review

Yelp is one of the best tools to enhance your presence online. The site lends its credibility to the authenticity of the reviews, which was why the company started posting Consumer Alerts on fake paid reviews. But what happens when your business gets a bad review? Here are 5 tips on how to recover from a negative critique.

Accept it. It might not be your fault–or maybe it is. Whatever caused this bad review to
happen, understand that every business will get at least one bad review during its existence. Every organization makes mistakes—and if a business appears “perfect” on Yelp, it probably means that it paid for reviews.

Learn from the bad review. Negative criticism might be used as constructive advice. If you get a bad review, take the time to read it over and determine how your business can improve.

Reach out to the customer and apologize. The last thing you should do is argue or retaliate. Instead, message the customer privately, ask questions to better understand the problem, and offer appropriate solutions.

Stay active on Yelp and respond to reviewers. The best way to control damage is to avoid it completely. By staying active on Yelp, you can spot the negative reviews immediately and handle press control before things get out of hand. Reviewers will appreciate this and possibly consider rescinding their negative post, or even update their current review to include your excellent customer service.

Encourage regular customers to go on Yelp. That one bad critique won’t mean much to customers if it is surrounded by a hundred positive reviews. Ask your customers to visit your Yelp profile and rate your business.