5 Sites Your Firm Needs to Know About

These days, marketing is all about social media. When you think about what people do on

Facebook and Twitter, it makes a lot of sense. They’re spreading the word, sharing, and linking to sites and pages that appeal to them. That’s a great thing for businesses all around, but what social networking tools work best for law firms? Here are five sites your company can’t afford to miss.

  1. Avvo – When users have a legal or medical question, they go to Avvo.com and browse the forums. Professionals who call themselves doctors and attorneys on this site go through a vicious screening process, which builds up the credibility of the members. Users post questions, and doctors and attorneys answer them. It’s like Yahoo Questions for professionals, and it allows you to communicate one-on-one with a potential client. Most importantly, it builds your credibility and gets your name out there.
  2. Yelp –The appeal of the site is that the reviews are real, written by real people, with real experiences. Businesses have been all over Yelp like eLaw Attorney Marketing in a pool of rare steak—so why isn’t your firm on there? (See what I did there?) The next time a client walks away happy, mention that you’re on Yelp, and ask them to write a referral in their spare time.
  3. Google Plus – Facebook has the “Like” button, and Google has the + sign. Whichever one you’re more inclined towards, nothing beats having both on your site. Google+ is a great way to build credibility and authorship for your firm. Posting regularly and linking to useful information will hook an audience, which means they will turn to you when they need help in the future.
  4. Twitter – The bird has changed its tune recently, and you’d be wise to catch the notes. Some of Twitter’s additional features are geared toward developing a business presence. Twitter is a great way to interact with followers, announce promotions, and release updates about your firm.
  5. Facebook – You knew it was coming. Facebook is one of the biggest tools that firms should be utilizing, which is why it’s so surprising that not many are. If you’re not on Facebook, you need to open a new tab and create a profile now. The social networking site has a high rank because there are billions of users—billions of users who are sharing, linking and posting sites. Stop dawdling, and make those posts about you.

Connect with your Clients

Marketing is all about knowing your customers and reaching out to them. While law firms prefer to advertise in legal publications, they should be aware that social media reaches a wider audience. At the very least, give one of those sites a whirl—you’d be surprised at the difference it makes.