5 Reasons Why Facebook Dominates Social Media

Social media includes hundreds of different community based sites, but the clear alpha dog in the pack is Facebook.  For a site that took off mirroring the same concepts and styles as predecessors Friendster, Myspace, and Friendspace, it sure did take off like a rocket.  Here’s 5 reasons why Facebook has been able to maintain its position as top dog.

  1. It’s the biggest. You reach nearly 1 billion users in under a decade and people take notice.  The site has crossed borders in an almost imperialistic push for social media dominance. Myspace never saw this kind of dominance, but Tom never struck me as someone who cared about internet dominance.  Bet they wished they’d had someone pushing them further and further across borders.
  2. Everything links back to Facebook. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram, which publishes your updates directly to Facebook.  When Google dropped its association with Twitter, Facebook picked up the slack and allows for Twitter feeds directly to Facebook.  Every website and ad campaign has a call to action to “like” them on Facebook. When all roads point to the same source, you establish yourself as the top dog.
  3. People are emotionally attached to Facebook. Ever get that call in the middle of the night from your cousin/ mother/ former coworker/ ex demanding to know why they’re deleted? Facebook has become a visual representation of who we are and what we care about.  Facebook is serious business and retailers are quickly learning to tap into that emotional attachment in their campaigns.
  4. We’re voyeuristic creatures. Let’s admit it, we all want to snoop and see what everyone else is up to. Facebook is the perfect medium to see where your audience check in, pictures and musings about the things they care about.  Did your competitor just post a picture of their new milestone, a new product, a new coupon? How can you stay in the know? Facebook offers the perfect opportunity to keep tabs on what you care about.
  5. Facebook offers a one stop shop for entertainment.  Let’s face it, Facebook has it all.  Users have the world at their fingertips.  They can shop, play games, share pictures with their friends, discover new bands, and connect with the people they know and care about.  With all these options at your fingertips, users are virtually sucked into another world.

There you have it, 5 reasons why Facebook is the top social media dog.  If your business is seeking a great social media forum to introduce your goods and services to the world, Facebook is a great place to start.